There Is No Christmas Without An Advent Calendar

30 Nov 2016
| Last update: 03 Jan 2017

Let’s face it. There is no Christmas without an Advent Calendar. They are like the stars in the sky. Sometimes, you don’t see them, but they are always there. They are magical, and make you more eager about the next day.

This year, we wanted to surprise you with a special Christmas Advent Calendar made by us for you. You’ll have to visit us everyday (here on our blog and or alternatively on Twitter) to discover the goodies.

The Ultimate Christmas Advent Calendar by Squirrly Team

Christmas Advent Calendar

We made this calendar with you in our mind. We know you are very busy (like us). Bloggers, marketers, authors or influencers, we are all busy all day long. So, who has the time to get ready for Christmas? Cristina, our designer, had the time.

Many days, she spent her time on the internet trying to figure out how we can help you with all the Christmas prep. And she figured it out. We are going to help you with the decorations, gifts and how to spend your time with your family.

I’m not going to give you spoilers, but I have to tell you this:

  • come everyday to our blog
  • learn how to make your house more Christmasy
  • find gift ideas for your relatives, your friends, your loved ones, and even for goats. (nope. I’m really not kidding; stay tuned)
  • get inspired by awesome ideas on how to spend your Christmas time

Not sure if it totally fits your style? It does! We are like you. Busy people in the online marketing field. But this year, we decided to focus more on family time. So, our Christmas Advent Calendar will have many ideas; ideas that you can bring to life, together with your family. Many ideas of crafting where you can make DIY projects together with your kids and spouse.

Also, there will be some days with gifts ideas. Gift ideas for bloggers, for pets.. Oops.. I’m starting to give you spoilers. I’m going to stop now.

I must tell you one more thing: you’ll not regret if you come to our blog every day. You’ll earn valuable tips and tricks on how to spend your Christmas time with your dear ones.

See you tomorrow, with our first day from the Advent Calendar.


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