Tips That Will Keep Your Car in Top Shape This Summer

01 Jul 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Summer is a great time of the year for everybody who owns a car. Driving anywhere you want with your loved ones, your friends or even by yourself is definitely one of the best parts of summer, since there’s no bad weather to stop you from doing it. The only thing that could hinder your summer plans is the state of your car.

If you don’t put enough time and effort into keeping it maintained, then you’ll only spend the entire summer wasting money on repairs. However, preemptive maintenance is not all you need to concern yourself with. Summer might be a carefree season, but you also need to maintain your vehicle. Here are some useful maintenance tips for your car to keep in mind this summer:

1. Always remember to check the tires.

Plenty of car owners overlook this aspect, especially in the summer period. Having an under or over-inflated tire in the summer is not only bad maintenance-wise, but it’s also dangerous. You need to check the manufacturer’s manual and see which pressure level is best for your car’s tires.

Keep in mind that temperatures that are high enough can seriously ruin the tires. An under-inflated tire, when exposed to intense heat for prolonged periods of time, can eventually blow. An over-inflated tire, however, can eventually lead to hydroplaning in the summer months, causing your car to lose traction.

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Moreover, you also need to ensure that the spare tire you carry around with you is in good shape. Otherwise, it’s of no use to you. Thoroughly inspect to ensure that it’s properly inflated and that the tread depth is ample enough.

2. The importance of de-winterizing your car.

This is another vital maintenance aspect that you cannot afford to overlook. First thing you need to do is change the winter tires. They’re just too heavy and will only negatively affect your fuel economy. Next you need to check the fluid levels and look for potential leaks, especially if you haven’t really driven your car too much in the winter.

Also, you need to have the undercarriage of your vehicle inspected by a professional. This is because the salts that are used to deal with snowy and icy roads can get caked on the undercarriage. If ignored for too long, they will eventually start eating away at the metal and making the transmission run hotter.

3. Replacing the windshield wipers is a must.

Your current windshield wipers might have served you well in the winter, but the extreme temperatures and ice have probably damaged them enough. It’s best to replace them with brand new ones, since summer is known for its sudden thunderstorms. They might not happen too often, but they can seriously put a strain on windshield wipers that are too worn out.

Make sure you replace the whole wiper blade though, not just the rubber part. It might cost more, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

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