Today's inspiration: OneSpot success story

Today’s inspiration: OneSpot success story

08 Jul 2014
| Last update: 05 Oct 2015

I love reading and writing about start up success stories. Such positive experiences can only motivate and also inspire people in their everyday actions. So sit comfortably with your coffee or tea (I don’t judge) and keep on reading today’s start up success story.

What does OneSpot do?success story

Basically, Onespot was founded on the premise that content marketing without advertising is nothing, which is entirely true. OneSpot decided to combine these two into one successful business. They realized that the tendency in advertising is to get more and more personal. To solve this problem, their “platform programmatically turns owned and earned content into <Spots> that appear where traditional ads normally would“.

To quote Marshall McLuhan, “the medium is the message”. That is what is trying to tell us, too. It even has its own blog, that constantly provides useful articles about content marketing. For example, this article points out exactly why is medium important for content marketers.

Recently, I got in touch with Adam Weinroth, Chief Marketing Officer at OneSpot, to ask him a few questions, and he said that the blog “played a role in generating awareness, positioning our brand and driving inbound interest.

Besides finding the right places to promote your content and spreading the word about it, I am sure that everybody wants to see the results. OneSpot does that too, providing useful insights on what you need to improve or what were the strong points about your content.

What defines a start up success story? was launched in December 2012, in Austin, Texas, and managed to have 20 clients right from the very beginning. But how does one define a success story? Success is something that takes time. In this case, two main aspects are really important: funding and awards.

  • Funding. This is a crucial issue for every start up. A business cannot run without money. At first, they raised $1.5 million, right when they launched. Investors like RSL Venture Partners, 500 Startups, Ralph Mack, Mike Maples, Sr. and Josh Baer were intrigued enough by the founders idea. After that, they managed to raise $5.3 million in Series A funding in November 2013, thanks to Mohr Davidow Ventures, Mack Capital, RSL Ventures, Capital Factory, and Bazaarvoice co-founder Brett Hurt. For more info about OneSpot and this last funding, you can check out Bryan Menell’s article
  • Awards. These are also important for a start up. In March 2014, OneSpot won The CMO Club’s SXSW Startup Pitch competition, that was held in Austin, Texas. The participants were each given five minutes to pitch senior marketers on why their company or offering is important and what challenges it solves for CMOs and senior marketing executives. Here are some highlights from the event. Also, OneSpot was honored enough to be on the Trendsetting Products list in EContent magazine, in May 2014. EContent is known for focusing on the business side of digital publishing, media, and marketing.

These key ingredients can turn a start up into a success story. Of course, it’s the idea that matters too. Have you heard about If you are having trouble with promoting your content, you should visit their website. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur, let me know what your success story is in the comment section.

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