Top 10 Bargains from DealFuel That Will Make Your Christmas Sweeter

23 Dec 2015
Alexandra Nicola
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Alexandra Nicola

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Alexandra Nicola
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Spending Christmas with family and friends means enjoying great food, having fun and appreciating a little peace and quiet. It also includes gift-giving to show your appreciation for your loved ones who are always there for you.

But if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t stop thinking about work long enough to buy presents for everyone.

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DealFuel has some great offers this December that can make it much easier to get last minute gifts without having to spend all your savings.

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1. DealFuel Credit Packs – Get more for less

This can be a great gift for designers, developers and even your friends who are basic WordPress users. If they haven’t heard of DealFuel yet, this is the best way for them to find out about it.

They have some really good discounts for many highly known WordPress products. Of course, that also includes Squirrly as well!


If you don’t know what exactly would help your friends the most, this is the best option. They get to choose the products they want for themselves.

The deal includes 3 different packages: Budget, Premium and Grand. The choice depends on how much you’d like to spend. This means your loved ones will get 20% more value to buy products than the money you put in.

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2. 22 Awesome WordPress themes from TeslaThemes

Anyone who has a website will appreciate this gift. Themes profoundly impact how your website looks and also how it works.2. tesla22themes

Plus, themes are not the only thing you will receive with this pack. They also offer:

  • Optimized load speed.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Social media integration.
  • A design programmed with SEO needs in mind.
  • 24/7 premium support.
  • HTML5 + CSS3 enabled.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Setup guides and more.

A pack of 22 amazingly well put together themes for $28 or less seems like a DealFuel steal to me.

3. Grow email lists with Optin Fire Pro plugin

Any content marketer knows that having a growing email list is a must for real success in the digital world. The Optin WordPress Plugin can help you achieve that.

3. optin-fire-deal-fuel

By creating pop-ups, widgets and flexible triggers, the overall ROI of the website will be higher than the Christmas tree. You can get this Plugin from DealFuel with a price ranging from $29 to $49 dollars, depending on how many websites you want to use it on.

4. Give social media plans a head start with 15 eCourses

For the friend who always promises to become a social media superhero or for your cousin who never stops checking their Instagram profile, DealFuel has the perfect gift. 15 detailed Social Media eCourses from Deltina Hay that will get them started on the right track with any social media plan.

4. deltinau

This bargain will also help them spend $1000 less and will have a real benefit in the end.

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5. 100 Super premium infographic templates

It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you work in. Infographics are everywhere. And so is the desire to create beautiful, viral infographics. DealFuel didn’t forget about this and it shows.

Up for grabs this Christmas is a Pack of 100 Premium infographic templates that will help anybody’s blog prosper and reach a higher audience.

5. infographics

Here is what this pack has to offer:

  • Completely customizable templates.
  • High-quality EPS format.
  • Beautiful design elements and vectors.

So don’t miss out on the chance to buy them while they’re still on offer.

6. Flip HTML5 – An amazing page flip software

From glossy magazines to lengthy eBooks, they all need flip software to make them more enjoyable to read online. The Flip HTML5 software actually makes this a reality with any website. Plus, it’s easy to implement.

6. flip

The software can convert PDFs into interactive Flipbooks. It is mobile-friendly and supports animation and multimedia files. You can have it now on DealFuel for only $19.

7. A quality course on how to finish writing a book ASAP

There must be at least one person in your holiday group who has always wanted to write a book. This is your opportunity to help them make that dream come true. Click To Tweet

7. finish-your-damn-book

Paul Jarvis and Jason SurfrApp, the authors of “Finish Your Damn Book”, offer struggling writers the tools to define their topic of interest and audience, help them generate ideas and structure them. They even present the sales process that comes after writing the book.

A sweet deal that should get them going! Check it out on DealFuel for more details.

8. One of the best bundle deals for developers

Besides manpower, you also need lots of tech products to get a website up and running. That’s why getting them all in a bargain pack is a great Christmas gift. Any of your developer friends would be more than happy to receive this gift.

8. 19products-developgo

The bundle includes:

  • 3 WordPress Themes.
  • 6 Templates.
  • 2 Fullscreen Image Scroller Galleries (Horizontal & Vertical).
  • One Extremely Useful Bar Graph (CSS).
  • One Progress Bar Set (CSS3).
  • One Adaptive Website UI Elements Package.
  • One Adaptive Tabs Navigation Plugin.
  • 1 Adaptive CSS3 Accordion.
  • One Grid Gallery Navigation Plugin.
  • One Pack of Universal Border Effects.

Last but not least, they’ll also get a fabulous eCard for Christmas. So run over to DealFuel and catch it while it’s only $19.

9. Two Essential Hacks: DVD Ripper Software + Video Converter

For those family member who can’t live without watching videos, there’s a secret gift you can get them. A pack of DVD Ripper software + Video Converter Factory Pro that will make the quality of the video better and get rid of storage issues.

To properly enjoy this offer, you need to first become a member of the DealFuel Club.

9. wonderfox

However, you will definitely love this deal, especially when you take the fact that you will get $90 worth of tech products while paying only $15 into consideration.

10. The massive design library

For your artistic friend or the content marketer inside each and everyone of us, the huge library of design elements is always useful.

The Package contains:

  • Vector Illustrations.
  • Vector Sets.
  • Web & Print Resources Packs.
  • Photoshop & Illustrator Add-ons.
  • Premium Tutorials.

And many more other great things.

12 massive library

A total of 1219+ design elements are up for grab for only $59. Check out the full offer on DealFuel.

Christmas deals for everyone

Consider some late minute online shopping so you have something to offer everyone this Christmas. It’s always better to have extra gifts than to arrive empty-handed.

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I’m certain that at least one of these offers seems tempting for you. It’s OK to spend a little extra on yourself and your loved ones this Christmas.

Enjoy the winter holidays and may you start the New Year full of energy!