Top 3 Travel Apps You Need When Going on a Trip Abroad

26 May 2015
| Last update: 29 Aug 2017

Whenever you plan to travel, either abroad or inside the country, you always have a “ritual” when it comes to preparing yourself. You make notes and a list, and you check things twice or three times to be sure you don’t forget whatever you need, such as your flip-flops, your passport, your favorite coat, your travel apps, your medicines, and many more.

Wait…Travel Apps?

Yes, yes, I know. We all love the old fashioned way where you make signs to explain what you need and when you don’t know the language. And we also enjoy losing ourselves in a big, unfriendly city or falling into a tourist trap when going to a restaurant. So, yeah, although these make great stories, now we live in the era of smartphones, and some things are made much easier.

It’s not necessary to use these travel apps, but if you want to enjoy your vacation and not feel worse afterward, we kindly recommend them. So, after a great research, here are the top three we believe are a must have.

#1. Localeur

travel apps


This application (and website, too) is highly recommended by us because you can explore the city like a local. Well, almost. If it’s a foreign country, the language will still be an issue (but not for long). The great thing about one of these travel apps, meaning Localeur, is that it’s aiming to be more than a guidebook and to focus on local experiences, recommended by people who live in that city.

Each writer has a profile and photo, where they explain who they are and what kind of interests they have. They usually make lists (which have funny or cute names), and you can pick a place based on their recommendations. We don’t say it’s 110% accurate, but it might help to clear the fog of newness a little.

Available as an app only for iOS.

#2. Wikitude

travel apps


On the “must have travel apps” list, we can find Wikitude. Its name reminds us of the great Internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia, but when used, you won’t learn the history of the place but actually what’s popular in your area.

When you enter the app, you have to use your camera to scan the environment. With its neat augmented reality, the app will scan and peek into your immediate area’s most popular attractions and accommodations. Isn’t this just great? You won’t need to spend a lot of time browsing articles and blogs in search of the perfect place. You just take a photo, and it’s done!

Available on iOS and Android.

#3. Google Translator

You might be surprised that we chose Google Translator as one of the “must-have” travel apps. Honestly, so are we, right now. We first meant to talk about WordLens, a great, but no longer existing app, that allowed you to translate any text, with the help of the camera, in a foreign language to a chosen one.

Fortunately, there is no need to despair! Google Translator has made this great update that can help you a lot while traveling abroad. More information can be found here.

This being said, these are the top three travel apps we highly recommend. Do you know any others? If so, feel free to share in the comments.