Using WordPress Seo to lift your Photography off the ground

20 Sep 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

Squirrly for Photographers


You managed to master photography but what about WordPress Seo?

You got your fancy DSLR with all those gorgeous pixels and high ISO capabilities shooting crystal clear, sharplicious photos that are a delight for any eye that sets upon them. Exposure, composition and color temperatures are all fields you’ve aced long ago. Your index finger is actually starting to feel naked when not pressed against that wobbly metallic shutter button.

Now what?

You heard and read about all those famous photographers like Ansel Adams, Annie Liebovitz, Robert Cappa and many more who were very passionate about photography and at the same time you most likely heard of Morgan Norman, Gilles Bensimon or Timothy Allen making big money with each photo taken. All of the above and countless more started small. They are great photographers but even more so they are fabulous marketers. You hearing of them is proof enough.

You want to be just like them.Well known, making a living out of your beloved hobby and putting your DSLR to work.

Something isn’t clicking

Tony Vaccaro didn’t have WordPress and Google to promote his work. He was sometimes developing his film rolls using borrowed helmets (those lengthy Lightroom exports feel like a breeze compared to that).So why aren’t you getting more contracts? You got your portfolio just right. Your website is a fancy thing to look at. You have the entire internet to reach to as your client base.

Well the catch is that photography is a highly competitive market. The “Photographer” keyword is extremely competitive from a SEO point-of-view.

Set yourself apart from the crowd

Wake up with new leads from the content you publish.


Getting your portfolio to the top means getting your site on Google’s front page. Getting your site on Google’s front page results in having more contracts heading your way.

Luckily enough there’s this particular Squirrly that has exactly what you need in terms of WordPress SEO. Our squirrels are specially bred to optimize your blog posts so that they’ll return in the top tier search results thus increasing your businesses visibility. If you don’t have the Squirrly WordPress SEO installed we got you covered. Just take a look at our homepage and before you reach the bottom of the page you’ll be craving  to get your hands on one of those 4 delicious squirrlies.

3 Tips on How to Feed your Squirrly

1.You heard this a lot. And you’ll hear it til you sing it. Research. Keyword research has never been easier. Those of you with the Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin know what i’m talking about. You just type the word in the Squirrly live SEO assistant and everything else is just a matter of tweaking.

2. Know your market. Know what you’re up against and optimize along the way. Think of innovative ways of saying the same thing. Write down on a paper the first four words that you find to be synonymous with photography. Take a lighter and burn that paper. Now think of a fifth word and research it. It might be just what you wanted to use for your next blog post.

3. Be active. As an up and coming business you need to expose yourself. Find the right balance between quality content and promoting your work. Mix them up.

And finally, be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor was your portfolio. Feed our Squirrly with love and before you know it your blog will hit front page.

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