[Watch] Yoast SEO with Squirrly SEO: A Complete Power-Up for Your WP Site

21 Mar 2021

How can you use Squirrly SEO together with the Yoast SEO Plugin, to gain more search traffic and boost your SEO?

HIT play and find out!

How can you make Squirrly SEO work in Compatibility Mode (Power-UP mode) with another WordPress SEO Plugin, like Yoast or the other ones?

This video focuses on getting Squirrly SEO to become a super-powerful add-on to your default WP SEO Plugin.

We show only Yoast in the example because we think the other SEO Plugins like RankMath, SEOpress, AIO SEO, don’t come close to Squirrly SEO or Yoast.

So, in case you really wanna boost your search traffic and SEO performance, while also keeping Yoast as your main plugin in WordPress, there is good news:

YOU CAN NOW use Squirrly’s Cloud Services to boost up everything you set up in your Yoast plugin.

The video we shared here today goes into detail about all the cool upgrades you’ll be bringing to your WP.

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