What the Future Looks Like for Mobile Phones

02 Jul 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

The evolution of mobile phones is undeniably progressing at a fast rate. It’s already changed our world and will continue to do so in the coming years. With the concept of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence programs quickly entering the scene, mobile phones likely hold the highest development potential on the market for the future. The whole idea is centered around supplying higher computing power for the devices.

How Can You Make a Smartphone Even Smarter?

This is the ever-present question on the top of developers’ minds worldwide. Currently, as consumers, just when you purchase the latest and greatest in the mobile phone industry, you wake up the following day to ads depicting an even better “latest and greatest” model than the one you just purchased. Surely, innovations will eventually slow down, right? Wrong.


Mobile Phones Will Predict What You Need BEFORE You Need It

With the use of both Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, smartphones will continue to gain the ability to predict what information the user requires and provide it before they even need it. For example, when you purchase or download information on a new insurance provider, your phone will predict that you’re looking for a general practitioner and provide a list of local ones who carry that particular insurance, thus eliminating the step of going to your search engine and searching for providers in your area.

If you look up the address of a local florist, your phone will provide images of bouquets and arrangements for you from local and online venues.

Tighter Security

As mobile phones increasingly continue to replace desktop and laptop computers, stronger security is going to become even more important, especially for big networks and financial institutions. Google is currently developing facial recognition while Motorola is developing fingerprint unlocking on the Atrix.

As these technologies advance, expect to see retina scanning, palm identification and even voice unlocking in as soon as 5 years.

No More Stuffing Phones in Your Pocket

You very likely could be wearing your mobile phone instead. Google Glass is on the rise and Samsung and Apple are developing the Smartwatch. These are expected to become even bigger. It’s only logical that manufacturers will go in this direction in an effort to keep you totally connected every second.

The Only Device You Need

This likelihood is highly possible due to the development of quad and octo-core processors. With these, it’s reasonable to expect Smartphones to become preferable over gaming consoles in the next few years. Expect to see a variety of options that enable you to connect your phone to your TV to play games, listen to music, surf the web and watch HD movies.

Do It Yourself Repairs

Right now, when your cell phone breaks down, for most people, the only choice is to mail it to the manufacturer or take it into your nearest mobile phone store. In many cases, the solution is to simply issue or purchase a new one.

However, as technology evolves, so do our minds. As we forge into a completely tech oriented society, users will increasingly explore and study how modern devices operate and develop handy DIY repair methods, even for mobile phones.

How to Transition into the Future

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