What To Do When You Don’t Have Inspiration For Your Wedding Vows

25 May 2015
| Last update: 29 Aug 2017

I’ll Write My Wedding Vows Later…Later…Later…

All of your wedding plans are well under way and the big day is approaching quickly. With all of the chaos, you can’t focus enough to write heartfelt vows. Every single time you sit down to write them, you’re blank.  Don’t panic. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll gain inspiration for the perfect ceremony.

There are different types of wedding vows and it can be very confusing trying to decide which ones are the most appropriate. When deciding which type, you’ll want them to match the theme and venue of your ceremony, so keep these factors in mind when choosing. Most can be broken into seven different categories:

  • Traditional
  • Romantic
  • Poetic Form
  • Humorous
  • Modern
  • Ring Ceremony
  • Freestyle


First of all, determine which style of wedding vows most fit your theme and venue, but also what type you’re most comfortable with. The purpose of writing your own vows is to make them unique to your marriage union.

Show Your Love

You don’t have to be a good writer, or even educated, especially if you use spell-check on a computer. The main idea is to transfer the love and adoration that you feel in your heart into words. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Sit down with a pen and paper, or at a computer. Close your eyes and really focus on your feelings. Begin writing down everything you feel. Begin with why you love your partner. Then write down specific qualities they have.

The Moment

Choose a specific moment when you fell in love with your partner. Or, mention the first time you met, or your first date. Write down memorable points that reinforce your love and why you want to marry your partner.

Little Things

List several little things, or incidents that you shared together while you were building your relationship.  Write down moments that were embarrassing or funny that you both treasure. Depending upon the style of wedding vows you’ve chosen, you can use these to instill your commitment, to add a little humor, or to praise your partner.

Physical Attraction

Even though physical attraction is not what makes a marriage, on your wedding day, it’s always nice to hear of one or two physical features that your partner loves about you. For example, their smile, or the way their eyes light up. Write down a few that are appropriate for your big day.

Clearly State Your Commitment

Write down what you see your future like in terms of growing your love and unity. Express the things you will do for the relationship to continue to build and strengthen your marriage as time passes by.

The Big Ending

A good way to close your vows is with a statement that speaks of yesterday (the past), today, tomorrow, and forever. Think of a statement, or a promise you can make that includes these. For example: “I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you, I love you today, and I’ll love you even more tomorrow and forever.”

If you’ve followed these guidelines, you should have plenty written down that will make the perfect wedding vows for your marriage ceremony. The most important part to remember is to put what your heart feels into words.

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