When Is the Best Time to Get Hotel Discounts?

26 May 2015
| Last update: 10 Nov 2015

If you like travelling and, at the same time, you love hotel discounts, then this article is definitely right for you.

Travelling can get pretty expensive, especially when you travel abroad. Airplane tickets, sleeping in hotels, eating out – They all cost a lot of money. Thankfully, there are ways you can save money on hotel bookings.

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When and where you travel matters

The season is what defines the hotel rates. They can vary dramatically. But you can travel smart and pay less if you do a little bit of research in advance.


Generally, from the beginning of January until the middle of March, you can definitely find a lot of hotel discounts. During the holiday season, hotels usually increase their prices so that they can make a lot more money.

After the holiday season is finished, hotel owners will lower their prices so that their hotels won’t feel so empty. It’s a really good strategy, ensuring that hotels are almost fully booked pretty much all the time.

For example, a friend of mine found an amazing last-minute deal for a trip to Dubai at the beginning of January.

I don’t remember how much she paid for the trip, but I was blown away by the price because, well, it’s Dubai and we all know (even if we’ve never been there) that it’s very expensive.

Weekends tend to be expensive, especially if you go somewhere in the country at a budget hotel when everybody goes for a family getaway. Hotel owners increase their prices because they know that people want to relax outside the city during weekends.

Still, if you choose a business hotel, which are usually located in financial districts, then the prices will be much lower than during the week.

As you can see, the principle is the same in all of these cases. Hotels take advantage of holidays and busier periods, when people are most likely to go on vacation, by increasing their prices.

And when it’s off-season, there are hotel discounts everywhere so that the hotels don’t remain empty.

If you plan on staying in a budget hotel, then you have to make reservations 2 to even 6 months in advance, depending on the venue. At a business hotel, you will even find rooms available days before your arrival.

Using comparison websites

You can use a comparison website like booking.com to search for the best deals. Here, you can compare them by the number of stars and any other features they offer, not only by price.

Some hotels tend to offer less for more money and vice versa, so pay attention to this if you want to get your money’s worth. Make sure to check the reviews as well.

Hotel discounts, a traveler’s dream

If you’re a traveler, like me, then you already know where to find those awesome hotel discounts. How do you look for hotel deals? Do you have a favorite place where you find them? Feel free to share your knowledge with us in the comment section below.

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