Why Boudoir Photography Captures the REAL You

01 Jul 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Does the idea of a boudoir photography shoot make you cringe? It shouldn’t. Believe it or not, a photo session can be the most powerful self-esteem boost a woman can get…at any age and any weight.

It’s All About Your Focus

When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you see? Flaws, right? You cringe at your wrinkles or your flabby arms. You stare for a few seconds and then walk away and begin your day. The problem here is that you walked away feeling…well…icky…about those flabby arms and those tiny wrinkles. So as you go on with your day, you bring that “icky” feeling with you. And that begins to be your focus…all the “ickiness'” there is about you. It seeps into your mind and translates into feelings of self-loathing and doubt.

The truth is, most people you come across during the day won’t even notice your wrinkles or your flabby arms. They focus on your smile. Your sincere interest in them while you’re speaking, which causes them to notice that you have beautiful brown eyes. Your gentle tone that’s calming or professional, thus leaving them an impression of comfort and elegance.

You see, while your focus is on “icky” things, their focus is on your true beauty. True beauty doesn’t lie in flabby arms or wrinkles. It lies in how you touch other people’s hearts. It’s the energy you radiate. Yes, the energy. Boudoir photography captures that energy and translates it into beauty.

boudoir photographyPhoto Credits: cheriejoyful’s Flickr

The Power of Boudoir Photography

Beauty has everything to do with our hearts and souls. It’s enhanced through the energy you produce in your everyday environment, but because your focus changed, it changed your opinion of yourself. That energy that you give off is where true beauty rests. Beauty isn’t a physicality…it’s a feeling that you radiate. When it does, humans automatically place that beauty onto a physical feature. This is when humans begin to picture something particular about you, such as your eyes, your hair and other physical assets as beautiful.

It all began when you took a hurried glance in the mirror all those mornings before starting your day. You looked, saw your flaws and walked away with a negative impression of your appearance. Over time, that carried into every single fiber of your existence. You see, that “icky” feeling sends your subconscious messages like “I’m ugly”, “I’m not good enough”, “I need to lose weight” etc. Gradually, that “icky” feeling seeped into your entire being and chipped away at your confidence. Now you’re left with only criticisms regarding your wrinkles and flab.

A boudoir photography shoot will capture the REAL you. Did you know that when that camera takes a snapshot, it forever captures you in that moment? So if you’re filled with joy, that energy you radiate is captured forever. Every single time you look at that picture, your subconscious will recall that moment in time where you felt joy. Because of the beautiful energy you emulated during that shot, you’re able to recall that moment and radiate beauty every single time you view that photo. This is the REAL you and this is what you want to radiate every single morning when you walk out that door.

You’re only one boudoir photography session away from capturing the REAL you forever. Be sure to check out what our clients have to say about their experience with us [add company link] and book your session today.

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