[Watch] Why is Squirrly Faster Than All Other SEO Plugins from WordPress

05 Apr 2021
| Last update: 11 May 2021

Hit PLAY and learn why Squirrly SEO is faster than all the other plugins for WordPress SEO.

  • What makes Squirrly SEO faster than all the other SEO plugins?

Most of the processing, data storage, and the super-hard things that only Squirrly SEO can do, are actually things that happen on our Cloud Servers.

Because we use so many Cloud Services for everything we do, we have an amazing architecture for this app, which is a technological marvel.

For you, as a user or customer, this is perfect, because the plugin you have in WordPress only sends and receives instructions from the Cloud Services.

Which means: the hard work and the processing times are supported by our servers… NOT by yours. We don’t keep our big databases inside your WP. We keep them on our servers.

Our plugin is super light-weight because of this and you will see that it loads incredibly fast. If you sometimes feel it loads slow, it’s just a feeling; it’s not true.

The APIs might load a bit slower, but not the plugin itself, which doesn’t affect the loading time of your WordPress site.

The WordPress stuff and the plugin load fast and sometimes they just wait for our APIs to do their things, but that doesn’t affect YOUR server.

Nor the loading time of your site.

Because we have this duality between plugin and cloud services, Squirrly SEO is the fastest SEO Plugin out there.