Why Jonathan Shieber’s visit to Romania is creating a lot of buzz

26 Feb 2015
| Last update: 23 Sep 2015

Pretty much anyone in the startup world heard about TechCrunch or CrunchBase. And I would bet that it’s every entrepreneurs’ dream to be featured on TechCrunch, since it can get you so much exposure.

If you didn’t know who Jonathan Shieber is, I will tell you. He’s the Senior Editor of TechCrunch and CrunchBase, so you can probably guess how excited we are that we’re going to meet him.

Thanks to our amazing friends from Spherik Accelerator, Cluj-Napoca’s startups will get the chance to get advice face to face from an influential person from the tech industry.

jonathan shieber[ Photo credits: TechCrunch’s Flickr ]

The importance of international key players for our country

Slowly, but surely, more and more Romanian entrepreneurs are entering the startup scene. Since the Central Eastern Europe is not quite in the center of attention for investors, people are constantly trying to bring international key players to our country, through events like How To Web, or Techsylvania.

These are pretty important startup events, whose aim is to attract attention on what we are trying to develop over here.

Not to mention the fact that entrepreneurs, business professionals, or technology enthusiasts have a lot to learn from these influential persons, and through a conference would be the best way to reach these people, and have the chance to actually talk to them.

Also, Romanian entrepreneurs and PR professionals need to hear a different perspective, and learn how they should approach the international market in the most successful and effective way.

What will Romania learn from Jonathan Shieber

jonathan shieber

Image credits: http://spherikaccelerator.com/blog/jon-shieber-senior-editor-of-techcrunch-and-chrunchbase-comes-to-cluj/

Jonathan Shieber is going to conduct a series of workshops and a conference which will take place both in Cluj-Napoca, and Bucharest. The Cluj-Napoca conference will be happening at the Liberty Technology Park, on 3rd March, and it is mainly addressed to startups, entrepreneurs, and PR professionals.

During the first part of the conference, Jonathan is going to focus on the basics of handling international press, and the mastering of email communication with journalists.

Jonathan Shieber will also give his audience examples of successful stories, and what not do to when you’re pitching a story to a journalist. Both of these aspects are very important.

The second part of the conference will be more interactive. Jonathan is going to ask each member of the audience to pitch him the idea of his startup, and to try as much as he can to convince him that it’s worth his time. Then, he will give the audience a direct feedback based on the pitch they made.

If you want to meet Jonathan Shieber, make sure you reserve your spot in time, because the seats are limited.

If you had the opportunity to meet Jonathan, what would you ask him? If you can’t be at the conference, we’ll ask the question for you.  

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