Why You Should Travel At Least Once in Your Lifetime Alone

26 May 2015
| Last update: 25 Aug 2017

Travel Alone One Time…And It’ll Impact Your Life Forever

There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone is actually healthy, and for those who’ve done it, they know its value. Being alone provides epiphanies, insights, and self-nurturing that cannot be attained any other way. This is why you should travel alone at least once in your lifetime. The impact will shape the rest of your life.


One of the most amazing feelings in the world is that of freedom. When you take a trip by yourself, you are free to do what you want, when you want. You don’t have to compromise with anyone, meet their needs, answer to them, or wait on them. You’re free of all obligation. You’re alone! But there’s no reason to be lonely.

Peace and harmony are much sought after states of being, but many people struggle to maintain them. If there’s one thing about vacationing, it’s the added bonus of reaching a state of peace and quiet – complete relaxation to balance your mind and body. Learning to enjoy a trip by yourself brings peace and harmony. As a result, this leads to the ability to find contentment in solitude. Once you’re able to do so, the structure of your entire life will change. Being alone will mean peace and harmony, instead of meaning feeling lonely and empty.

Have you ever heard the saying, “With age comes wisdom”? When you travel alone, your horizons broaden and stretch your imagination and sense of logic in various ways. For example, when it comes to the food you choose to eat, you are free to make your own decision on what food to eat and how much. There’s no one there to make a comment to sway your opinion at all. Therefore, you’re more likely to try different foods that you’d never consider if you had a companion’s opinion influencing you.

Your interactions with people are 100% focused on them. Because you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about including whomever you’re with or making sure they’re comfortable during social interactions. Meeting these new people on your terms could open up avenues for you that you never even considered possible. Most of all, when you travel alone and meet other people from other walks of life, it really gives you a perspective on different cultures. You come to realize and be grateful for the freedom and privilege you have as a native of your own country. All of these small things add up to greater wisdom.

What is your purpose? There are so many in life who cannot answer this question. They truly have no idea why they’re here. When you explore new cultures, beliefs, and traditions, you develop a deeper connection with humankind. This gives you an unexplainable comprehension of life and living. From this, your passions, your gifts, and your purpose can be born.

There is nothing more freeing in the world than to know that just because you’re alone, you don’t have to be lonely. Being alone gives you a sense of independence and liberty that you come to appreciate and strive for. Once you travel solo, your entire perspective on life will change because you will forever understand that your greatest moments, your greatest accomplishments, are manifested simply by relishing in the solitude of self.

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Lynn Silva

Lynn Silva

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Lynn Silva