You’ll get to become an SEO Superstar who ranks pages to the Top Places of Google, by optimizing your sites for both Humans and Search Engines.

Squirrly Turns the NON-SEO expert into an SEO Superstar

I use Squirrly SEO every time I 

create a new post

Even SEO Experts like Neil Patel use this WordPress SEO Plugin, so you'll know you're in good company.

- Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics

Delivered to WordPress in a fully integrated way (with both simple sites and multisite installs), Squirrly is a Software that Runs from our servers, in order to deliver the power of an All In One SEO PowerHouse.

- Neil Patel, co-founder of KissMetrics

As tiny as a WordPress Plugin

Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.

As Powerful as TOP 7 SEO Software Products combined:

This is not about the Quantity of features (though you can see that we clearly have the lead). It’s about each feature working great with the other ones, in order to help you create the perfect search experience for your next customers.

The Only Plugin That Is Truly Complete.

All the Power You Need.

Plus All the Speed You Deserve

Squirrly doesn't only run. It out-runs all the other major SEO plugins for WordPress because of this delivery method.

Squirrly SEO loads fastest in this study made by

Imagine 7 times the power of the other plugins. And Triple the Speed to load in your WordPress back-end.

Faster WordPress Site = Better SEO.

This test is made by, an amazing company that serves the WordPress community.

You'll start having perfect On-Page SEO on all your pages, posts and e-commerce products once you start using it.

Its purpose is to help you get 100% optimization and the green lights from the interface will show you when it's "safe" to publish the content you were working on.

Their purpose is to help you setup the best WordPress SEO that a plugin can offer.

The SEO Live Assistant

The SEO Settings Assistant

The SEO Settings Assistant

You'll be in Full Control Over Your SEO,

Because You'll be Guided

The SEO Live Assistant

SEO Settings are usually super complicated. Because we want you, the Non-SEO expert to have an amazing WordPress site, we've come up with this simple assistant that will stand by your side and guide you.

It will walk you through setting up sitemaps, making your site look better than the Huffington Post on Google, setting up ways to control how your posts get shared on social media, and many more.

During setup, you’ll get to see simple slides and learn what you can setup for SEO, social media and Content Marketing analytics.

We've built two Assistants for you inside of the Software

The Settings Assistant will allow you to check for any SEO errors or incompatibilities with other plugins, so you’ll be safe and certain that everything works, without having to check a single line of code.

When you decide to use ONLY Squirrly SEO going forward, you'll be safe to do so; Squirrly SEO will keep all the optimization made inside the other plugins active, even after you delete those plugins.

Your website will have zero duplicate META elements, zero duplicate open graph. It will be (in one word): perfect.

Works together with Yoast, All In One SEO and the rest.

If you choose to keep the others, Squirrly SEO will add 6 times more functionality to your WordPress SEO anyway.

It Plays nice with the other kids.

For Humans.


True to the core values of the Squirrly Company (based in London and Cluj-Napoca) you will get software designed for Humans: no guess work, no extra coding. Just super functional and human-friendly.

As a bonus for when you get the app, we offer you 14 Days of FULL Access, so that you can see how the whole Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin is designed for Humans.

Even the most complex features, like the SEO Stats, the Social Media Metrics and the inbound links are easy to understand.

In a time when all the other plugins offer just 1 out of 6. (the WP site structure)

The SEO Settings Assistant will help you to setup an amazing WordPress SEO Site Structure

You'll get the latest SEO Stats for each page and NEW educational content to become a Superstar.

Checks your ranking on Google for all your optimized posts and pages. For any country you want.

Perfect images for your posts, 100% Content Optimization, Full Control over Google Listings.

Identifies every single week new areas in which you can improve the website

You will get 6 out of 6 elements critical to SEO Success

Created from the Ground Up to help you in SEO and Social Media Campaigns.

See Google Rankings

Scale Quality Content

Weekly SEO Audit

Keywords for SEO and SM

WordPress Site Structure

Education Cloud & Stats

And become an SEO Superstar.

Download Squirrly

Learn WordPress SEO by Squirrly

We also help all of our users and customers learn more about SEO, Content Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization. We’ve created 5 full courses so far, 7 lessons each.

We deliver them to you after you begin using our WordPress SEO Plugin.

Knowledge Base

Coaching Sessions

We've built the Settings Assistant to help you get started with your SEO. It has a lot of content that it takes directly from our knowledge base.

You can use the Knowledge Base to learn more about using the features of the Squirrly SEO Plugin.

Type the address in your browser and get started.

"I went ahead and calculated all the independent costs of everything in Squirrly SEO ... and it's a bargain"

Bogdan Valeanu, Internet Marketer

Simple, Affordable Pricing.

All that we offer would cost you $637 / month if you bought them individually from other providers.

You can get the same power, and some specific goodies just for WordPress SEO at just $20 / month, from Squirrly.

Alternatively, you can download the Free Version that we offer here on the site, and see if Squirrly SEO is the perfect fit for your WordPress SEO needs.

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