Plugins for WordPress

The Squirrly Company offers many plugins for WordPress, to help each individual WP owner get more out of their experience with the platform.

From: small business owners, to personal brands, agencies and freelancers, we help many professionals with their WordPress plugin needs.

Currently available on our list are:

Starbox: the Personal Branding Solution for Authors and Experts.

Squirrly SEO: All that Matters for SEO. Brought Into Focus.

WooCommerce SEO Plugin: Quick SEO Plugin.

Website Analysis Plugin: Know Your Content Marketing Stats

Increase the SEO value for your pages and control how they look like on social media and on Search Engine results with this free product. 

ShortPixel (not made by our Company, but we offer you a great deal on it): Optimize Image Loading Speeds.

Upgrade your site’s security in minutes. Better defend your site against hacker bots and spammers with this highly-customizable WordPress plugin.

You can go ahead and study each plugin to find the one you truly like.