Workout Mistakes That Cause Serious Injuries in the Long Run

26 May 2015
| Last update: 22 Aug 2017

Increasingly fewer people are hitting the gym nowadays, mostly because they’re afraid of making any workout mistakes that might cripple them for life. It’s intimidating when you do a quick search online, and you come across statistics regarding gym injuries.

However, this doesn’t mean going to the gym or doing a workout is a life-threatening experience. Gym injuries happen because people rush things and don’t take the necessary precautions, thinking they will get a head start on muscle development this way.

So what can you do to make sure you stay safe the next time you pay your gym a visit? Doing warm-up helps:

  • A proper warm-up increases blood flow throughout your muscles.
  • You’ll have better mobility and flexibility because surprise won’t take your joints.
  • It keeps your connective tissue safe, meaning you won’t have to worry about any serious injuries. Here are some nutrition tips to help you strengthen your connective tissue.

Want more information? Here are some mistakes you need to steer clear of because they can cause long-term harm:

1. Jerking Too Much While Lifting Weights

This is one of the biggest workout mistakes people make at the gym. Jerking occurs when you work out with weights you don’t have the strength to lift yet.

A lot of gym goers try to use momentum to lift heavy weights, but that’s a big mistake. Make sure you fully use your muscles when lifting.

Take your time when lifting weights and never rush it. Lift slowly because it allows you to maintain perfect control over your muscles and body. Having control is a sure way of avoiding workout mistakes.

2. Lack of Rest: One of the Most Overlooked Workout Mistakes

Never perform a workout when you are too tired. Fatigue can be pretty dangerous, especially when you need to lift heavy things.

You never know when your muscles will give in, and you’ll drop the weights on yourself. If you have to choose between sleep and physical exercises, make sure you always go with the former.

Being too tired also means you’re likely to make other workout mistakes because your lifting technique and posture will be very sloppy. Stay safe by always getting as much rest as you need before an intense workout.

3. The Myth About Straight Knees

You might think that to have good posture you need to keep your knees straight. This idea is not only foolish to believe but dangerous as well.

Keeping your knees straight during workouts will eventually cause knee injuries, probably resulting in a snapped ligament. This is why you need to keep your knees slightly bent when doing a workout at the gym.

Workout mistakes can cause knee injuries.[ Photo Credits: StyckyWycket’s flickr ]

Sustaining injuries doesn’t mean you won’t be able to stay in shape anymore.

Sustaining an injury isn’t the end of the world. You can still do workouts, even after a serious knee injury. But it’s best to avoid any workout mistakes, since it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t forget to add variation into your routines. Doing the same exercises over and over again will harm your body. Challenge both your body and mind by adding something new.

Not sure how to do it? We can help you out! Visit our website and you’ll learn how to stay away from workout mistakes, find helpful nutrition tips and receive assistance regarding proper lifting form.



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