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03 Dec 2014
| Last update: 06 Oct 2015

Growth hackers are always looking for places where they can connect with other growth hackers. Those places don’t necessarily have to be physical. The interaction between them can happen online as well. In fact, most of the hangouts take place in the virtual environment. A growth hacking community is the place where any newbie can begin his growth hacking carrier.

What is a growth hacking community?

growth hacking community

It is a place where everyone can learn anything they want to know about growth hacking. These communities can be personal blogs, websites, meet ups, or any type of frequent gatherings that can take place.

Through a growth hacking community, growth hackers can get in contact with many different professionals. Even if many communities are only on the Internet, you can still share ideas with these people, share inspirational posts that are related to this field. A community is great, especially for those who want to start their own startup. Entrepreneurs that are just at the beginning of their career are very interested in growing their startup through growth hacking techniques, and a growth hacking community can be just the perfect place for them to get inspiration from.

Inspiration everywheregrowth hacking community

Even if you don’t want to become a growth hacker, maybe you just want to hire one, a community is also the place to look for one. You can browse some personal blogs, and find one that you like. You can get in touch with us on Twitter! We’re constantly posting awesome content over there as well, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration. 

What I like about growth hacking in general is that, at least for some time now, people are starting to embrace it more and more. Of course, there are still those that don’t believe in this new term, but there are many examples, even those that include big companies like Twitter or Dropbox, which prove the fact that growth hacking is a real thing.

Zack Onisko is the Chief Growth Officer at Creative Market, and he compiled in an article from his website 10 essential growth hacking communities. Each one of them is worth checking out. In my opinion, even if you’re not interested in growth hacking, you still have a lot of things to learn from reading those blogs, and websites. It’s always good to keep an open mind, and let the ideas of others be absorbed by you. Plus, you never know when a growth hacker’s idea will prove to be the most clever thing ever.

Learn, read, test, repeat

I really don’t understand why growth hacking is mocked by some people. I think that it definitely promotes really good points when it comes to growing your company, but not solely. Plus, we shouldn’t forget about the ingenious growth hacking techniques used by some of the today’s biggest companies.

Startups, entrepreneurs, growth hackers, marketers, growth experts – what do you think about joining a growth hacking community? Are they useful for business purposes, or are they just a waste of time? If you have a favorite one, share it with me down in the comments, and if you are a growth hacker, I want to know where did you learn about growth hacking?

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