Available Now! Beta Access for Squirrly SEO: Peaks

08 May 2022
| Last update: 24 May 2022

There is a new Squirrly SEO which will be released very soon.

Thanks to tons of feedback and support we received from our awesome community, we’ve built something that will bring faster results to everyone:

  • entrepreneurs and side-project owners (including bloggers and affiliates)
  • agencies and freelancers

We’ve re-written many of our tools inside Squirrly SEO, in order to provide two different experiences in the same SaaS + Plugin and to be able to easily switch from beginner mode (Non-SEO Experts) to expert mode (SEO Superstars).

I could go on and on about this, about the many challenges and why we’re squirrly in love with this one … but that’s something for a different day.

We’re now accepting applications for the Beta, for those of you who want to try out Squirrly SEO: Peaks before the official release.

It’s already been tested on different sites around the world, but it’s still a beta, because we’ve re-written a lot of it.

I will only say this:

You will get access to the stable version of this new Squirrly SEO AND: we don’t do any upsells. As far as pricing plans are concerned, everything is like last year.

We will also have a new MasterClass for Squirrly SEO: Peaks over on Education Cloud PLUS.

We will remove the PRO Plan from our stores soon, but that won’t affect any of our current PRO plan users, though. And our affiliates will still be able to sell PRO plans in the future, through offers they make to their own channels.

Are you ready for the Beta access?

Do you want to try out the new version? Make sure you test it on a staging / test site first.

Sign up here and we will let you know  when the beta file is available for download.

And if you want to see more about the latest Squirrly Company changes, you can always follow SQROAD here.

Squirrly SEO has been getting many awards lately, and we even have this cool real-life one which we’ve placed in our office.