May Changes: Squirrly SEO (Peaks)

There is a new Squirrly SEO right now on the WP Directory. (and in your WP admin if you’re a Squirrly SEO user, if you want to update)

May comes with a lot of exciting changes:

  • new Squirrly SEO
  • new pricing plan changes and the pricing plan we will retire soon
  • Web Dev Kit included now in more plans
  • new Customer Portal

Keep reading to learn more about them!

1) New Squirrly SEO: Peaks

There are huge changes to versions starting 12.0 and we’re happy we could work closely with you to bring all of them. Thank you! This is an awesome day for our team and hopefully for you as well.

It’s our Brand New Squirrly SEO: Peaks.

You’ll get to reach peak performance with this new SaaS+plugin and you will climb the Google ranks faster than ever before.

You can see all latest changes and the DONE tasks from our roadmap right here to see the updates.

We will show more soon. It’s one of the biggest version upgrades yet, with many of our tools being completely re-written, in order to deliver the best performance.

You will see the new UI which so many of you have voted for and helped us with user interface testing and feedback.

2) Pricing Changes

If you are on the PRO, Business Plan, Agency Plan – your prices will remain the same, just as they are now.

There is nothing extra to pay, in order to get access to the new Squirrly SEO: Peaks.

We will Continue supporting the PRO Plan forever, even though we will soon retire the option to buy PRO Plans from our store.

Please see the pricing page in our store for more details, regarding the plans.

Over the last 12 months, Business Plan has become our best-selling plan, so moving forward, we will mainly focus on selling the $71.99 USD / month business plan.

We estimate that we will remove the PRO Plans from the Official Store during June 2022.

However, ALL PRO Plans will continue to be updated, receive new features and will be supported according to the plan limits.

Again, please check the differences here.

3) Web Dev Kit Included Now

Until today, if you wanted to get the Web Dev Kit features for your Squirrly SEO, you had to purchase the Tier 2 Plans from here.

That was the only way.


Web Dev Kit is very sought after and it’s a necessity for Web Developers, Agencies, Freelancers who work for multiple end users.

Difference between Agency Plan and Web Dev Kit can be seen here.

Also, some further reading and screenshots to see what can be customized by those who have the Web Dev Kit.

Big Change Today, though:

– Our Business Plan and Agency Plan customers will start receiving the features on their Cloud App. So when logging into the cloud app of Squirrly SEO (the SaaS side) they will be able to find those options turned on.

4) New Customer Portal

We did a soft release of the Customer Portal, starting January 2022, to start receiving feedback from our customers.

Finally, the whole experience of owning software from the Squirrly Company becomes much easier.

In the new Customer Portal, you can find all subscriptions you have from the multiple products we sell (see our Official Store if you need a quick refresher).

A great place to see:

  • active subscriptions
  • license stacking details for Squirrly SEO (for improving account capabilities)
  • product information: such as videos, tutorials, help centers
  • product downloads, for some of the products in our store

You will have access to different sections, according to the subscriptions you buy from our Store, via FastSpring (our trusted ecommerce partner since 2012).

You can check it out to login if you already purchased something from Squirrly through our official store.

If you don’t know the password, just use the forgot password options.

And if you want to see more about the latest Squirrly Company changes, you can always follow SQROAD here.

Squirrly SEO has been getting many awards lately, and we even have this cool real-life one which we’ve placed in our office.