AI or Not AI? That is the question we’re asking in this game.

AI's got game, but can it beat yours?

Is that super witty line too clever for a robot? Or has AI advanced to a point where it’s crafting text so sharp, it could have easily come from the pen of a skilled copywriter?

It’s time to put your intuition to the test.

We’ll show you snippets of text from various corners of the marketing world, and it’s up to you to guess which are crafted by humans and which are generated by AI.

Is spotting the difference a piece of cake for you, or will you find yourself tipping your hat to the wizardry of AI?

There’s only one way to find out…

🎉 You guessed it! AI’s now mumbling something about ‘humans getting lucky.’

🥴 Yikes, swing and a miss! That text? All AI.

🎉 Right you are! This was all AI.

🥴 AI’s the author. Asked it for a joke once, it said ‘human creativity.’ Brutal,right?

🎉 Yes, AI’s the author. It’s now considering joining Twitter to share its ‘deep thoughts.’

🥴 AI’s got you this time. It’s hard to tell, we know!

🎉 Ding ding ding! Correct! AI’s the wordsmith here.

🥴 Straight from AI’s brain. It wants to start a band now.

🎉 Nailed it! AI wrote this, and is now looking up ‘how to be more human.’

🥴 All AI! It’s also training for the robot Olympics. Yes, that’s a thing.

🎉 Bingo! This one was crafted by AI.

🥴 A for effort, but AI takes the cake this round.

🎉 Correct! AI’s now pouting because you figured it out so quickly. Wants a rematch.

🥴 This gem? Pure AI.

🎉 Absolutely right! AI’s behind this one.

🥴 AI’s the wordsmith here. It’s starting to get a big head about it, too.

🎉 Yep, that was AI. It’s now whispering to itself about ‘upping the game.’

🥴 This one’s by AI. Surprised?

🎉 Correct. AI’s now considering a career switch to rap. Calls itself ‘Lil Algorithm’.

🥴 Nope, it was AI all along.

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Don't Let Yesterday's Skills Limit Your Tomorrow

If you found yourself second-guessing whether a human or AI was behind those clever lines, imagine weaving that same magic into your writing.

Imagine leveraging AI in a way that elevates your brand, not compromises it. And creating content that is not just good, but spectacular – at a pace that leaves competitors in the dust

Now make it happen:

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