Squirrly SPY

With a Squirrly SPY report you’ll be able to see every single detail that makes your competitors successful with SEO Strategies. OR, if they’re not successful, you’ll find out how to easily outmanoeuvre them, by using clear data to beat them on SERPs.

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Your Competitor’s SEO Growth. In Your Hands.

Find out why your competitors are successful with Search Engine Optimization. See what they’re doing to successfully rank pages on Google.

See every single element that makes up the SEO of your competitor

See their Website Architecture, URL Structure, Download their best keywords, see how they organize content, if they use direct SEO Strategies or if they use content marketing funnels. And 20 other aspects.

One Report. All the Ideas on How to Beat Them.

This is the report you need in order to win the SEO Game.

See their keywords, their strategy and the places from which they get backlinks.

All in One easy to digest excel report.

Our Story

We were in the process of launching our Web Developers kit, to help SEO and Web Development agencies all around the world in coming up with SEO Strategies for their customers.

Talking to our developer partners, we’ve realized that they didn’t know how to look at the exact elements that made competing sites outrank their very own customers.

In a couple of Zoom calls and Skype chats, we’ve seen that they immediately knew how to win the SEO game, once we began outlining the SEO elements these competitors were using.

So right now, we’re offering this as a service to: seo agencies, marketing agencies, web development agencies, freelancers and small business owners all around the world.

Some of Our Clients

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