+ 200K Sites Secured against Hacker Bots and Spammers using Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly.

"Wordpress Security + Peace of mind."

"Easy to install & keeps my sites secure!"

"I went from E score for security to A. "

"My site tested A+ for Security!"

"Feel much more confident in the security of my sites."

"My website is so much more secure now."

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Here’s why customers all over the world trust Hide My WP Ghost to secure their WP sites.

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Over 100,000 +

sites secured using Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly.

Hide my WP is another Squirrly 10/10 gem.

After one click and one minute you have so many things done. It's magical. Huge save of time if you know how to protect WP.

But if you don't know - you MUST get it. For every step you have a link to a 3-minutes article about what it's doing and why. GEM 🤍
Waldek Reclik

Hide My WP Ghost could cost hundreds of dollars!

Amazingly easy work, dozens of options, settings and repairs in 1 click, instant change verification.

I have already installed Hide My WP Ghost on my 3 sites and I have a strong feeling of certainty that I have done something very important for my sites.

- Maroš Oravec

You Don’t Need to be a Security Expert to Successfully Protect Your Site

Easy to Use: Highly-Customizable: Upgrade Your Site’s Security in Minutes

I've gone through all the settings of this plugin and am blown away by the ease of use and the multiple security sections it covers.

Gareth Wynn

Hide My WP Ghost makes it super simple to setup but then you can customise it if you wish and make the security stronger.


Hide My WP Ghost is very easy to use and install. You can set up the plugin within 5 minutes. You don’t even need any programming knowledge to use it.

Lokesh Kapoor

Hide My WP Ghost plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that can secure and obfuscate your WordPress site visible information from the prying eyes.

I have tested this product on 3 different WordPress sites and the setup time was generally less than 10 minutes.

- Ruhani Rabin, digital product leader.

Add an EXTRA Layer of Protection for Enhanced Site Security

This is something no one should miss out; for sure will add new protection levels differently than other security plugins.

Ravi Prakash

Biggest issue with wp is getting hacked. Is great to have this tool which also works with existing security plugins.

Vijay Anand

I use HMWPG with WP Cerber on many websites without issues. You can also use it in conjunction with others such as Wordfence.

Joseph Wong

A good addon as a preventive strategy, complimenting the anti malwares and firewalls: by changing the common paths to prevent hackers from being able to wreak havoc in the first place, while letting malware cleaners do their job if site is still infected for other reasons.

- Larry Tan

Full Guidance: Fix Security Threats before They Become a Problem

I was amazed by the number of issues it found and guided me on how to avert them. The suggestions are clear so, in less than 10 minutes, it deemed my site as 100% secure.

Clever via AppSumo

As a WP user with little knowledge on security issues I would have never imagined the dimensions and severity of possible security weaknesses of our websites. The tool is simple to use and super clear on its instructions!

TEDxChania via AppSumo

Gain Instant Peace of Mind Knowing Your Site’s Protected 24/7

I now have a strengthened WordPress site and also some peace of mind. This is a good tool for people who want to protect their websites from hackers.

Ramelolozada via AppSumo

Finally, and for once, I feel at ease that my website is actually secure!

Sumo-ling via AppSumo

Is Hide My WP Ghost Right for Non-Tech Users?
They Say: Absolutely! 💯

Dreading having to spend a huge amount of time learning and revising how to secure your WP sites? 

So did these customers before they started using Hide My WP Ghost.

Simple to use, great for non tech guys.

What I like best is that it goes through a list of things that I need to work on simply.

I am not a tech guy and am sometimes overwhelmed by all the jargons used to prevent our sites from being hacked and this plugin simplifies the entire process.

Eugene Goh

Great solution for non-techie webmasters!

I easily installed the plugin and I took my sweet time implementing the various security instructions the plugin provides.

15 minutes later I had my first secure website and I could not believe how easy that was!

Timothy Leary

Fast and Secure WP Sites


- Easy to install on any WordPress site (Just need to download and install)

- Fast and easy to use (There is the setup wizard to guide you along)

- Customizable to the degree of security you want and need (You can choose what to hide and what not to hide)

Junwen Chen, Financial Coach

Excellence in Customer Support: We're Here for You

I have always attached great importance to the quality of support, and the experience here is very good.


Support staffs are quick to respond and super friendly as well.

Joseph Wong

A question to the support was answered in no time. This is a great deal for people who want to add more security to their websites.


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