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Helps you see if you have a chance of ranking high on search engines and within the preferences of your audience.

I’m looking to include these Audits in the next SEO tools round-up I’ll publish at Backlinko.

– Brian Dean


Website Analysis - Ultimate Edition Plugin by Squirrly Limited

Lightweight – Easy to use – No need to start an account.  

You just install it and you’re in. The plugin will automatically start analyzing your website to deliver powerful insights.  

This WordPress plugin does ALL the work for you in the background and uses our servers at the Squirrly Company to run all the checks.

Designed for WordPress.

Safe-guards them against all the SEO problems which occur on a website AFTER the initial SEO was completed.

Helps website owners keep track of their SEO performance.

This plugin has a long history and has been used on thousands of WordPress sites.

Website Analysis - Ultimate Edition Can Be Customized To Show You:

– Items View vs Table View

Built for: Small Business Owners and Designers, who usually prefer the Items View. Also built for SEOs and Web Developers who prefer the Table View.

You choose the Building Blocks for the Analysis
You can customize the Analysis as you see fit, so that it only surfaces those details that you 100% know you wish to track and study.

Know key details about up to 500 Pages and Blog Posts on your site 

The Ultimate version of the Website Analysis Plugin now provides analysis for up to 500 pages on your site. 

Social Sharing Previews

See at a quick glance if the social sharing abilities of your WP site were negatively impacted. Offers you an instant glimpse into how your content looks when shared on Facebook.

Learn about many possible SEO errors – with just ONE tool. 

The plugin checks for this at a page level to give you clear, accurate information. 

Why is this important?

Most times, there are different SEO errors on a page which are NOT present on other pages, and webmasters don’t know about this without proper analysis.

Website Analysis – Ultimate Edition provides in-depth analysis and oversight: 

What Else Does it Check for You? 

"The technology on which we've built the WordPress Website Analysis - Ultimate Edition Plugin has been used by Giants, such as: Microsoft, BBC, TopGear, CyberGhost, and many others."

Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly Limited


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