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The Squirrly Company has been innovating for almost a decade now.

  • Digital Personal Assistants for Marketing – many types, embedded across our products.
  • Workers Systems (a way to use multiple cloud services to keep serving data and crawling data, without pause)
  • Proprietary Technology that we’ve already spent over $2 Million USD on
  • Marketing Intelligence Feature
  • SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly
  • Ranking Vision AI / Squirrly Machine Learning (or Squirrly SML assistant)
  • Recommendations Engine in our EdTech SaaS, Education Cloud PLUS
  • Innovative SEO Live Assistant – first tool on the market that offered SEO Assistance in real time, with as-you-type advice on making pages better
  • Focus Pages Method – adaptable SEO technology that maps the road to ranking user pages, according to user and website data + industry they are in.