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The “Brought to you by the Squirrly Company” mark identifies a wide family of products loved by industry influencers and over 23,000 premium paid clients.

Products from the Squirrly Company are award-winning, mentioned in the Press, trusted by companies such as the BBC, Microsoft, CyberGhost, CreativeMarket and they’ve helped thousands of Entrepreneurs become successful at building their Online Presence.

The entrepreneurs who purchase our products buy 3 different products from us, on average. Every purchase is a great investment with huge returns on the investment made.


🚩 Gap of Desolation

It’s our mission to help you invest in your success, bridge the GAP, and get Customers from the Internet.

With our AI Digital Assistants, the Gap of Desolation will lose its power over you.

Joe Newell

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Love the Squirrly team… rock solid products.

Brave Lee

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Love Squirrly SEO and other products from this team.

Ying King Chung

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Squirrly is a solid company and their projects are top quality.


I am a fan of this company as their products always deliver and if you have any issues, they are quick to respond.


As a user of Squirrly SEO plug in I can safely say that this team delivers!

Over 9,328 Monthly Subscriptions power the Squirrly Company, and the fact that we’ve always been profitable since 2013, helps us invest in more amazing resources for entrepreneurs.

$4 Million USD have been spent by the Squirrly Company to develop the proprietary technologies which power our products and to build our customer base.

Digital Assistants for Marketing, AI, MarketIntelligence, Workers Systems, are innovations that make our products stand out and help our entrepreneurs reach peak performance.

300,000 email subscribers read our news, our studies and learn from our Lessons on all things Digital: from Digital Marketing to Website Security.

We’ve made a 160 X (one hundred sixty times) return on the Angel Investment we received back in 2012, in terms of sales, and we are closing in on our Goal of reaching $ 1.7 Million USD ARR.

Squirrly Limited is proudly registered in the United Kingdom and it’s run by our expert king makers who dwell in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Transylvania (Romania).

We’re helping more and more entrepreneurs become the next Kings and Queens of the WWW.

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Trusted by Customers in 90 Countries

5 Tacos Based on 240 Reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars based on +500 reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 85 Reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 115 Reviews


5/5 Stars based on 63 Votes

5 Tacos Based on 240 Reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars based on +500 reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 85 Reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 115 Reviews


5/5 Stars based on 63 Votes

Industry Influencers about Squirrly

Leading  Experts in Marketing and SEO Recommend Squirrly 


“Squirrly is more than a SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite.”

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Ibrahim Evsan als Keynote Speaker Digitalisierung

“The best SEO Tool ever. It´s perfect for Content Marketing.”

Ibrahim Evsan


“You want to get more traffic to your website for increased revenue? Squirrly SEO Plugin will help you achieve this as it has for me.”

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Brian Dean

“Cool Feature: Squirrly comes packed with a nice keyword research tool that works within the WordPress editor. In addition to the usual metrics (like search volume), it also shows you if that keyword is a hot topic of conversion online. The tool also shows you the stability of that keyword’s search volume over time.”

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“Starbox is built for user engagement. It focuses on visuals and is certainly a very user-friendly plugin. You can customize the plugin further if you want, but the default settings offer more than enough to do the job right.”

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“Starbox is a bit of a star itself in the plugin world. It has over 10,000 active downloads, and more than 130 five-star ratings. It also offers a lot of flexibility in how you customize and display your author boxes.”

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Great companies use our technologies to become even greater:

Our Partners' Success makes more Possible

$401,959.25 USD

made by one affiliate with us in 2021.

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Partners of Squirrly

“Always Win By Helping Others Win”

– the 1st Core Value of the Squirrly Company

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Most Recent Partnership Announced:

Partnership with Synergy Media to begin Squirrly Brazil operations. Also: Panda Byte to develop a next gen Email Marketing App that Squirrly designed and that will be published by the Squirrly Company.

Top Partnerships ’til now:

AppSumo, ChiefContent, SaaS BF, ShortPixel plugin, An SEO Agency (brought us tens of customers for RankJumps Fully Managed SEO Services), DealFuel, CloudsWave, Inky Deals and all our WebDev Kit Partners.

Who do we usually partner with:

Developers and Product Managers, Hosting Companies, Affiliates of Squirrly SEO, WordPress Coaches, WordPress Theme Companies, Deals Sites for Software Products, Leaders in the Content Marketing Industry, SEO Agencies.

Cross Promotions?

Yes, if our requirements are met. We only partner up with people who offer amazing Customer Service.

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We show people LIVE on Youtube and our Channel how to use Tools that help them Get Growth for their Business. If you think your web application falls under this category, email us at:

Company Information

Squirrly Limited (aka. the Squirrly Company) was founded by Florin Muresan (CEO) and Calin Vingan (CTO) in September 2012, in London, United Kingdom.

Squirrly received an angel investment from two smart and amazing German investors: Philipp Kandal, Senior VP of Tech at Telenav, now based in Sillicon Valley, and Ibrahim Evsan, serial entrepreneur, probably the Biggest personal branding and digital branding influencer in Germany.


3rd September 2012, London, United Kingdom


Angel Investment Round (in 2012)

Philipp Kandal

Advisor and Angel Investor in Squirrly. Head of Maps at

Ibrahim Evsan

Advisor and Angel Investor in Squirrly, Serial Entrepreneur and Personal Branding Expert. Has raised one of the largest VC rounds raised by a German Company.


500,000 People in over 90 countries. OVER 7,479 B2B Customers paying subscriptions to Squirrly Brand Products.

Achievements of Products:

– Squirrly SEO has been named a TOP 3 SEO Plugin for WordPress and is the First when it comes to Premium Plugins

– Starbox is the Most Popular Author Bio Box Plugins of all times.

– ContentLook is one of the fastest growing content marketing analytics platforms (and it’s still in early beta)

First Product Launch:

February 2013: Squirrly SEO

C-Level Executives:

Florin Muresan

CEO and Co-Founder of Squirrly. The business leader of the organization. He sets the vision and makes sure customers have a great experience.

Calin Vingan

CTO and Co-Founder of Squirrly. The technology leader of the company. He makes sure our tech is amazing, across all products.

Company Size:

10 – 20 employees.

Attitude Towards Customer Service:

Strive for Excellence in Customer Service.

Company Culture (as described by employees)

Freedom to develop myself, Opportunity to uncover skills I never knew I had, A place to Grow as a professional, Warm environment, awesome and friendly people who help me see my workplace more like a Bootcamp than a boring ‘ol job place.

The Core Values of Squirrly

Core Values are a big thing at Squirrly and we’ve focused on them since day 1. 

Basically, it’s what makes some people love working with us and what makes others not want to work with us. And that’s great! Because in our team at Squirrly we only have people who really should be there, and that’s why our team gets to enjoy working together.

Since we’re big fans of the Delivering Happiness movement, it’s necessary that all squirrlyans feel like they fit in and want to be there. Otherwise, how could we possibly deliver such great products and content to our customers, along with an amazing Customer Experience?

Always Win By Helping Others Win

Deliver Happiness To Employees, Customers, Partners And Investors

Have Fun. Be Creative. Be Inspiring.


Be Humble, Admit We Can Be Wrong

Strive For Excellence In Customer Service

Be Human

Pursue Only The 20% That Brings The 80%

More Products for the Next Queens and Kings of the WWW.

Each software sparks with power that was only beheld by giant corporations a decade ago… and each software puts that kind of power in your hands, so that you may rise to Victory.


The Squirrly Software is the heir and successor to the King Makers of old.

Silently dictating who will be the next Queens and Kings of the www, Squirrly awaits new challengers like you to pick it up and seize the power.

Each software sparks with power that was only beheld by giant corporations a decade ago… and each software puts that kind of power in your hands, so that you may rise to Victory.

Strive. Learn. Grow.

Give it your all and remember that you are in the company of other queens and kings: Ann Handley, Sarah Arrow, Kim Beasley, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, HubSpot, WPengine, Kinsta, Elegant Themes, Microsoft, BBC.

startup tools

Every audience and every niche needs a King. Content is NOT king. You are.

Our apprentice and master King Makers work their silent craft in London (United Kingdom), Valencia (the Kingdom of Spain), Cologne (Germany) and Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania).

Kingdoms come together.

Proudly registered in the United Kingdom, since 2012. We offer insanely great marketing software to 18,000 Paying Customers in over 90 countries.

Also, for those who use the name Squirly we have created a new page.

Contact Squirrly Limited

– Powered by Humans

Please contact us if you have any inquiry about the Squirrly Company at:

We offer great support for each product we’ve released. Find the support channels for each product on this page | We were featured on Zappos’ (leaders in Customer Service in the U.S.) Delivering Happiness blog for the care we offer to all our customers.

Phone support: SMS Only – free (we don’t take any calls on this number): +44 7425 330730

Phone support: Calls – only if you buy a special phone support plan. Not ideal, since it’s easy to get in touch on any of the channels you see here on the page.

Ways to get Customer Service for Squirrly SEO:

– Quick Support Form – helps you give us all the right details from the start, so we can drastically improve the time it takes to help you out. and are domain names owned by Squirrly, which help provide a better Customer Experience and also vital training materials, to help you become the next Queens and Kings of WWW.

– Our Private Facebook Group: JourneyTeam (find it when you click the Support Button inside WP; it’s an exclusive community)

^^ in that group we help you with many tips and website improvement ideas.

– Customer Service On Twitter

– Customer Service On Facebook (via Messages)

– Tutorials and Live Chat on Youtube

– Emails we’ll use when contacting you. Listed below.

– Knowledge Base:

– Learn Daily Recipes for SEO that teach you how to boost rankings in just 14 Days.

– Learn More about SEO and Content Marketing: the Education Cloud (it’s a free service that we offer to our customers)

Emails we use to get in touch with you: (from the Coaching Session you receive as Bonus when signing up this month) (most of our emails are sent from this one)




– florin’s personal email address (sometimes)

Customer Service for ContentLook (Shopify app and the web app)


– SMS support (number mentioned at the beginning of the section)

– Lessons for learning how to use the content marketing analytics platform. (delivered when you create an account)

Customer Service for Squirrly Social (web app)

– SMS support (number mentioned at the beginning of the section)

 Help Center

– Getting Started section (available to you once you log in to your account)

 Video Tutorials

If you need to get in touch with the CEO:

Registered in the United Kingdom:

Squirrly Limited

Company registration number: 08198658

Great Britain VAT ID: 275 2717 86

Incorporation Date: 03 Sept 2012

London Office:

20-22 Wenlock Road



N1 7GU

Work office in Cluj-Napoca:

1st Bumbesti Street. (it’s a House)




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