Prize Drops by Squirrly

🎁 WHAT - kind of prizes can you win?

All kinds of goodies from Squirrly, such as:

🔥 HOW - to claim a prize?

It’s simple! All you have to do is be the 1st to follow the instructions we provide. 

– You will receive the instructions on the prize page. The instructions will revolve around sending a tweet, a secret code (which you will get from the page) and a hashtag.

The first one of you who sends the message after reading the instructions (and gets all the instructions right) will win the prize.

Here’s an example from a PRIZE DROP we did with our friends @Chief Content. 👇

Stephan saw the official Prize Drop page featuring the instructions for how to redeem the prize. 

AND was the first to correctly follow ALL of the instructions.

🚨 IMPORTANT! - We will award one prize per day for every unique code.

How will you know if you’ve won?
If we ‘LIKE‘ your post, we are acknowledging your participation and expressing our gratitude, but unfortunately, someone else was quicker in following the rules and claiming the code that day.
If we ‘RE-TWEET‘ your post, that’s your victory signal. Celebrate, you’re the winner!

⏱️ WHEN - are prize drops announced?

It can happen anytime. 

Being a part of our email community, joining our Facebook Groups, following us on social media, checking our official Store for Entrepreneurs regularly… 

^^ these are all great ways to ensure you’ll be the 1st to know about a prize drop. 


📍 WHERE - are prize drops announced?

Prize Drops are announced on:

Prizes can also be won by playing different games created by Squirrly. 

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