How You Can Easily Become Competitive in Any Field You Choose

Let’s say you want to tackle a market: it can be your market or a new market (niche) that you want to enter.

What I’ll tell you about today is part of a strategy that works with any kind of business, whether it’s a “sushi restaurant”, “cheap PC games”, “self driving car solutions”, “airport beacon technology”, “house painters in my location”, “pokemon go”. Or anything else.

WHY? Because Google and people (like: real human beings from your audience) have certain expectations that any type of business needs to meet.

So while there may be some tactics working better in one field than it does in the other, the strategy can be the same market to market.

So there are things you can consider when deciding how to tackle the market:

  •  will you do SEO?
  • if you do SEO: will you only create pages with direct keywords, or will you also get indirect keywords and build funnels to convert the people coming to your site via indirect keywords?
  • will you do email marketing?
  • will you do social media?
  • how should your site be organized?
  • what pages should you have on your WordPress site?

You’re not the only one who has this problem.

I have this problem and hundreds of thousands more business owners have this problem: not knowing what the focus should be.

This goes a wee bit deeper, it turns out. It’s not only what you can focus on, but also: what kinds of strategies could you focus on, in order to overtake your competitors in that field?

The most important thing to study when you’re trying to outmatch other competing businesses is:
– what are their weak points?


If you know your competitor’s weak points, there’s your chance to overtake them.

You’ll be thinking like:

1) Case 1: weak SEO:

Competitor ACME INC. has all of these pages and all this original content on their site, but the SEO on each of these pages is ghastly. Now’s my chance to really go after them and outmatch ‘em.

Then you’ll be looking at the rest of the market to see how they are doing.

If all of them are weak: bad On-Page SEO, bad Off-Page SEO (few backlinks, few social shares, few inner links) and very low domain authority, then that’s your cue to go after them and take their place!

2) Case 2: weak Social Media presence:

Due to various changes in the Social Media platform landscape, there are numerous businesses that have quit spending time on social media management. They don’t create social media campaigns, don’t use social media to generate leads, don’t promote anything of theirs to social media, etc.

Warning: I mean organic social media here, not paid ads on Facebook. Those fall under the advertising category.

If this is the case, then you have a really good shot at making it big by focusing on social media, because your competitors aren’t doing that and they’re leaving an opening which you can capitalize on.

3) Case 3: weak website architecture, low-value content

This is one of my personal favorite cases. Seems obvious, since I’m a content marketing expert and since I have many talented writers working with my company.

Even though it’s 2020, many businesses still have very poor websites. I don’t just mean over-worked small business owners who have no time left for creating new pages and new details on their sites.

I also mean NASDAQ-listed (yes, you read that right) corporations worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They also have very poor websites.

How do I know?

I manually checked 5 of the TOP corporations in a certain lucrative industry (all about automation, mapping technology, etc.).

Yes, I created excel files where I wrote tons of details about:

  • URL structure,
  • website navigation,
  • content logic,
  • keyword usage,
  • technical SEO problems,
  • and the nature of the content they were presenting.

All except 1 were completely disappointing.

Even though content marketing is a clear lead generator in the high tech industry, 4 of the top corporations in this space were doing a horrible job at creating digital content.

I don’t mean just blog posts. They were failing at all types of digital content. You could’ve heard about them from industry events like trade shows and conferences. You went to their sites, and from their sites you couldn’t possibly understand what they had to offer, what they were doing, who the leadership team was, etc.

Content is very important if you want to attract people and paint a clear picture regarding the activity of your company, your services, your products.

At one point, at our agency, we had a high tech business as a client. We’ve created content for them and a clear blogging strategy. It got them tens of thousands $$ worth of deals from big names like IBM.

However, let’s go back to the main story here with the 5 corporations.

In my study, it turned out that the 1 company that actually did something about creating a clear and calculated website is the one company you always hear people talking about in that space.

Coincidence? Nope, they are just simply the best, because they actually explain the kinds of tech you can get from them and the types of partnerships they’re looking forward to.

Now: you may already be asking: “Okay, Florin.. so are you pitching us on the importance of content marketing here?”


I just want to show you that if I were a contender for that space I’d definitely go after this industry with all my might! The competition I would have in this field would be so bad at marketing, that I’d have huge chances of success.

I probably won’t be number 1, but hey: number 2 ain’t all that bad. Especially considering the money involved in this industry.

Let’s do a short recap of everything:

If you need to become competitive in your existing market or a new market: identify weak spots in your competitors’ strategies.

Do they have:

  • weak SEO?
  • weak social media?
  •  weak website architecture and weak digital content?

If any of these 3 things can be answered with YES, then YOU have an answer: GO and become competitive starting today in that market simply by doing amazingly well what they’re not doing at all!

If all 3 can be answered with YES, then why are you still reading this? Get to work. Just keep a bank account open for all of the money that will pour in.

These (and a few more) are all reasons why you should start studying your competition: not in order to copy them but to identify their weak spots. So you can ultimately overtake them!

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