[Case Study ] 3806% More Conversions using This Tactic

Tactic: Using gated content to increase email subscribers

Photowebo, a site that provides resources to help photographers build a stronger online presence, increased conversions by 3806% largely due to switching from pop-ups to gated content.

In their case, the content was a list of 101 different email subject lines their audience can use for their photography email marketing.

But, generally speaking, gated content refers to any type of online content that requires users to fill out a form before they can access them.

Your action steps: 

  • Make a list of your most popular, long-form blog articles, whitepapers, or eBooks.
  • Consider turning them into gated content (by blurring or removing content below a set point on the page).
  • Visitors will have to opt in to see the whole resource.
  • Market it as exclusive content to further increase its appeal.
  • Make it clear to the reader that you will provide the full resource in exchange for their email address.

Source: optinmonster.com

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