New Platform In. Retired Platforms Out.

22 Oct 2018
| Last update: 22 Apr 2019

Instagram has been successfully used in Squirrly Social for many months now!

It’s been over 4 months since we made this available on the platform. See our first post to the Instagram of Squirrly Company here.

New Platform In. Retired Platforms Out.

You’ve been wonderful in 2018 and I thank you very much for your support in turning Squirrly Social from something that was just a dream, into an impressive social media automation platform.

Many of the people I network with at tech industry events tell me: “Florin, you’re so active on social media. It’s really nice that you can manage to do all that, while also running Squirrly”.

My secret: I let Squirrly Social do all the heavy lifting in the background. I haven’t logged in since the Official Launch event. People don’t know that. They just see that I have a lot of fresh content, which must mean that I spend a lot of time working on that and offering value.

I hope you get to feel and experience great results and a lot more free time, by using Squirrly Social to manage the ins and outs of publishing to social media.

It’s time to look forward to exciting new updates for 2019!

Google My Business Integration Launched!

Google My Business is separate from Google Plus. It’s important to keep this in mind.

If you have real-world locations as your business listings, people will find them on Google when searching for your business. Therefore, it’s really great to use Google My Business to control what people see about you.

With Squirrly Social, you can now schedule posts for your Google My Business Accounts!

This will help you keep your company looking all active and shiny.

Good-bye Google Plus. Forever.

Alphabet (the company behind Google) is officially pulling the plug on Google PLUS. There will be no more Google Plus. They are turning the lights out on their social media platform.

We’ve received confirmation that the API will stop working starting 25th January.

Squirrly Social will stop using the API on 23rd January.

Facebook Statistics Added.

Social Media Metrics added to Squirrly Social were super useful for our customers (thank for reaching out and writing to us about them).

It’s what made us push harder to get our app in good favors and receive more access from Facebook.

You can now see Facebook metrics for the posts you have published, so you can easily check engagement directly from Squirrly Social.

NOTE: you may have to re-connect the FB accounts, because Facebook needs to ask you for new permissions, in order to show you this. They’ve become more careful after last year’s scandal.

A couple more updates:

  • There are dozens of other small improvements and bug fixes that we’ve made recently, so we’ll quickly highlight the main items below:
  • Better issue checking on Add Post pop-up: Pro-active warnings are shown to users if there could be an issue with their post
  • Author shown on Post Planner: You can now see who authored the post in the Post Planner
  • Image dimensions shown: New image uploads now show the width/height of the images in various screens

Helpful Videos:

we’ve recently made 3 videos to help you use Squirrly Social better.

Have a great time using Squirrly Social:

Have a great time automating your social media activity.