Official Launch Event for Squirrly Social

The Squirrly Social Official Launch Event was SOLD out!

20 Oct 2018
| Last update: 06 Nov 2018


Great news everyone! 100 tickets purchased in just 4 days! All tickets are sold out.


Squirrly Social – The Big Event is coming

Squirrly Social has been released in BETA, so people have already had the chance to put it to the test. There are over 100 business owners and marketers who purchased a subscription in early pre-release. Now is your chance too!

The event will be held Live on Youtube, based on the ticket. I will show you everything you need to know about Squirrly Social, why we built it, and how it brings value to your business. The Squirrly’s customer service experts will be available in the Chat section of the event to answer any questions you will have.

See you in 24th October to the big event. Don’t forget to get your questions ready for the Live session.