The New Education Cloud 2020 Is Here. For One Month Only.

11 Nov 2019
| Last update: 08 May 2020

Watch the Launch Video.

It’s the video from our Launch Event for Education Cloud 2020.

It marks the opening of our very special platform where YOU can learn from all the training programs created by the Squirrly company.

In the video you can learn all about the courses:
– why we’ve created them
– what you’ll learn from each course
– how to use the Education Cloud 2020 to evaluate your knowledge

There were 110 amazing people who joined us Live for the event and they received lifetime access to the platform. They are the only ones who received this. We chose 4 PM London time, because we have a VERY international audience and aside from Antarctica, we had people from all continents on the stream.

However, even if you missed the well-received event, you can still join Education Cloud 2020:

You can create your account here.

It will enter the Basic Access area where you will get access to the courses based on the curriculum.

However, for November 2019 you will have access to all our (free) courses.

It’s worth it. Create an account and see what you can learn in November.

NOTE: Education Cloud 2020 will require a separate account (so… not Squirrly SEO, not Squirrly Social, not Starbox PRO).