Tickets, tickets, get your tickets. Starts now!

24 Oct 2019
| Last update: 26 Nov 2019

A Month of Education.

Let’s begin. We’ve sent you some educational emails this month.

Now let’s give you access to Education Cloud 2020.

One Platform. All our public courses. Exclusive VIP Access.

The older Education Cloud platform will soon be retired.

Tickets give you free access.

However, if you get the ticket and also join us LIVE for the launch event on 6th November 2019 (will be Live on Youtube; link sent only to ticket owners), you will get lifetime access to the courses.

This is 100% exclusive VIP access for those who take action.

Everyone who DOESN’T join us for the event will get maximum 2 courses available. Then those courses will be unavailable for them ’til next year.

If you want access All Year Round, then get the ticket and join our Live event.

I will start allowing ticket owners to join the platform starting next week.

This is super early access.

During the event on the 6th Nov 2019, Live on Youtube, we will show you how to take the lessons we have prepared. We’ll also show you how to evaluate your knowledge using the Quizes.