Squirrly Releases the 2019 Version of their Legendary Halloween Game

Squirrly releases the 2019 Version for the Epic Halloween Game today.

It’s been 7 Years of the Squirrly Company already.

In all this time, we’ve made some impressive products, impressive training programs, and we’ve delighted our customers in numerous ways.

One of those ways has been the 2014 release of our Halloween Game.

It’s a text-based game that runs in your browser (nothing required to install), where you have to navigate the land of SEO together with people like Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Matt Cutts.

The choices you make inside the game determine what kind of Halloween squirrly monster you are… and if you end up being the Leprechaun, then you’re in for a real treat:

A PRO plugin will be yours for FREE.

And you’ll receive a massive discount to one of our best products ever: the Squirrly SEO PRO.

For very few days (starting right now) you can play the game and win the prizes.

You’ll still be able to play the game after Halloween, but there won’t be any prizes. So Hurry Up.

We are so happy we could bring this game back from our archives. Players who interacted with the game in 2014 and in 2015 loved it and played multiple sessions just to see if they can get ALL the squirrly monsters.

Some of them were expecting it every year, but in 2016 we had an Instagram Halloween Game (which was also well received by our audience).

Creating Insanely Great Marketing Software sure kept us busy, but I’m happy we could bring this to you in time for Halloween 2019.




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