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Youtube Shows

- SEO That You Can Do From Home

On Home SEO TV we show you easy SEO Wins for Your WordPress Sites, that you can copy and paste.

- See Tools That Help You Get Growth For Your Business

We Do Live Streams of the Best Online Marketing Tools You Can Use to Get Growth For Your Business.

"Always Win By Helping Others Win"

Partners of Squirrly

Most Recent Partnership Announced:

The WordPress Educators Partnership. We offer support to WordPress Coaches and WordPress Trainers, to help create reward programs for their top students.

- the 1st Core Value of the Squirrly Company

An SEO Agency (brought us tens of customers for Content Writing Services), DealFuel, CloudsWave.

Affiliates of Squirrly SEO, WordPress Coaches, WordPress Theme Companies, Deals Sites for Software Products, Leaders in the Content Marketing Industry, SEO Agencies.

Send an email to [email protected] << it's not role-based. It's a real email that 4 of us check daily.

Yes, if our requirements are met. We only partner up with people who offer amazing Customer Service.

We show people LIVE on Youtube and our Channel how to use Tools that help them Get Growth for their Business. If you think your web application falls under this category, email us at: [email protected]

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Website Analysis for Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics

The Easiest Way For WordPress Marketers to Get the Pulse of their Latest Blog Posts

See amazing details about the Health and Performance of your latest 20 blog posts. No other plugin offers this

You'll get the latest SEO Stats for each page and NEW educational content to become a Superstar.

Checks your ranking on Google for all your optimized posts and pages. For any country you want.

For each post, get a Quick glimpse of how many shares it received on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIN and others.

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Created from the Ground Up to help you in SEO and Social Media Campaigns.

SEO Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Weekly SEO Audit

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Your Latest 20 Blog Posts

Explanation for Each Item

Company Information

Squirrly offers 3 SaaS products for Content Marketing Professionals: Squirrly SEO, Starbox - the Author Box for Humans and ContentLook.

We build amazing software products for non-technical content marketing persons (especially for those who use WordPress as a CMS).

We also work as a marketing team for different companies seeking to tackle Content Marketing and test it as a viable acquisition channel. trusts us to be their outsourced marketing team. We delivered an engaged Twitter Audience, authority on LinkedIN Groups, over 20,000 unique visits

Squirrly SEO develops a SaaS-based business tool for commercial purposes and delivers it for WordPress as a SEO plugin. It has over 1,700,000 downloads and is recommended by Neil Patel of KissMetrics and Brian Dean, owner of Backlinko.

People who usually build software products in this industry make them over-complicated with more focus on the technology, than on the customer. Everything that we develop comes with a "For Humans" guarantee, meaning that it will be easy for anyone to just start using our software.

We've had the pleasure of seeing our software products used by over 500,000 people from different companies, including marketers from Microsoft, BBC, SeedCamp, BackLinko, Elegant Themes, Search Engine Journal and the Search Engine Watch.

Our Course called Squirrly Academy has 2,500 students. (costs $147).

Squirrly was presented with the “Best Company Presentation Award” at the Balkan Venture Forum in May 2013. 

Squirrly was founded by Florin Muresan (CEO) and Calin Vingan (CTO) in September 2012, in London, United Kingdom.


3rd September 2012, London, United Kingdom

500,000 People in over 80 countries.

- Squirrly SEO has been named a TOP 3 SEO Plugin for WordPress and is the First when it comes to Premium Plugins

- Starbox is the Most Popular Author Bio Box Plugins of all times.

- ContentLook is one of the fastest growing content marketing analytics platforms (and it's still in early beta)

February 2013: Squirrly SEO

Florin Muresan

CEO and Co-Founder of Squirrly. The business leader of the organization. He sets the vision and makes sure customers have a great experience.

Calin Vingan

CTO and Co-Founder of Squirrly. The technology leader of the company. He makes sure our tech is amazing, across all products.

Alexandra Nicola

COO of Squirrly. The management leader of our organization. She makes sure our processes work and keeps everything together.

15 - 20 employees

Strive for Excellence in Customer Service.

Freedom to develop myself, Opportunity to uncover skills I never knew I had, A place to Grow as a professional, Warm environment, awesome and friendly people who help me see my workplace more like a Bootcamp than a boring 'ol job place.

Philipp Kandal

Advisor and Angel Investor in Squirrly, VP of Engineering at Telenav. (Former CTO of Skobbler)

Ibrahim Evsan

Advisor and Angel Investor in Squirrly, Serial Entrepreneur and Personal Branding Expert. Has raised one of the largest VC rounds raised by a German Company.


Angel Investment Round (in 2012)


Achievements of Products:

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Attitude Towards Customer Service:

Company Culture (as described by employees)

The Core Values of Squirrly

Core Values are a big thing at Squirrly and we’ve focused on them since day 1. 

Basically, it’s what makes some people love working with us and what makes others not want to work with us. And that’s great! Because in our team at Squirrly we only have people who really should be there, and that’s why our team gets to enjoy working together.

Since we’re big fans of the Delivering Happiness movement, it’s necessary that all squirrlyans feel like they fit in and want to be there. Otherwise, how could we possibly deliver such great products and content to our customers, along with an amazing Customer Experience?

- Powered by Humans

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Please contact us if you have any inquiry about the Squirrly Company at: [email protected]

We offer great support on the following email: [email protected] | We were featured on Zappos’ Delivering Happiness blog for the care we offer to all our customers.

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Squirrly Limited

Company registration number: 08198658

Incorporation Date: 03 Sept 2012

20-22 Wenlock Road



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Ap. 15 on 39 Mihai Viteazu’ Square




1st Bumbesti Street. (it's a House)




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