The best SEO approach to Meta information

The best SEO approach to Meta information

30 Mar 2014
| Last update: 13 Apr 2017

Title tag, meta descriptions and meta keywords are essential part of a blog. Making sure that you use the best SEO approach towards having a calculated and effective result towards them is vital for a good position in SERPs.

Even if Google doesn’t take into account the descriptions and ignores the meta keywords, other search engines still consider it and use this types of meta tags.

Title tag for the best SEO approach

It is crucial that there is a Title tag on the site but just as important is to not have it duplicate inside your blog. Repeating the same tag in different pages in your site will bring a negative effect on the appearance of your site.

The title brings advantages to the positioning in SERPs of different Search Engine queries. The description usually shows the snippet in the result page and it is used to attract the attention of the visitor.

Not just for the sake of best SEO strategy this text should be a convincing one that determined the searcher to select your page and not another. To make it count you need to find a convincing phase that all the same time gives an

To make it count you need to find a convincing phase that all the same time gives an overall view of what that page contains. In order to make this the bounce rate of each page as low as possible make sure that these two elements are relevant for the content of the said page.

How to make things happen with Meta information

If you are a Squirrly user then things are made to simplify your journey toward the best SEO approach. Implicitly, your title tag is the title of your article which is checked by the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant.

That’s why you have the domain field on the right side. Your meta description for each page will be the first part of the article. The length is determined by how many characters the specific Search Engine lets you have.

You can also adjust this information in the advanced mode. We recommend editing this information only if you have a background in the field and know what the latest best SEO approach are. Better yet focus on getting

Better yet focus on getting great copy into your titles. This will make your article catch the eye of prospect customers. The same applies to the way you start the content of your pages. Make people be determined to click and read.

We offered this option because we want you to be able to add title and description to the pages from menus, as there is no option offered by WordPress to perform this best SEO practice.

The title of the page is taken from the menu and it can not coincide with the title tag as it would be too long and it would look bad.

If you do want to change the title tag and descriptions on your own do keep in mind the following:

  • Do not repeat the title from other articles
  • Start the title with the main keywords
  • Do not copy your title in the description
  • In the meta description use phrases that will stir up the interest of the read
  • Make sure that the description is accurate for the page for the best SEO
  • Don’t surpass 75 characters in the title and 170 characters in the description in order to enter the Google snippet

In the image bellow, you can see the different lengths of titles and meta descriptions for each Search Engine.

best seo

At the end

Customizing the Title tag and the Meta description is useful just for the pages that appear in the blogs menu pages that can be found in the All Pages.

Squirrly checks to see for each article if there has been added a custom title tag and description and takes them into account when showing them.

For any further questions on the best SEO approach, the comment section awaits eagerly. 

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