How to create Human friendly content with the WordPress SEO plugin ?

How to create Human friendly content with the WordPress SEO plugin ?

17 Feb 2014
| Last update: 06 Apr 2017

For all those Squirrly users out there I think you’ve noticed that the WordPress SEO plugin’s Live Assistant has change a bit in the last weeks. A few tasks have been added in the Clean & Friendly part of it.

The issue concern the fact that many people consider that all SEO is bad and it’s not so. In this article I will explain why we choose to incorporate this tasks into Squirrly and how to use them to your advantage

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The premises of the industry

There are many business that trying out content marketing and invest even more in it each day. Of course many of them are just trying it out so they don’t have a sky-rocketing budget for it. That’s why they need a WordPress SEO plugin to simply their work. But when they hear about all the animals Google is send towards us, Search engine optimization doesn’t sound like a good a idea any more.

In a sense they are right, over stuffing with keywords, creating useless or duplicated information is not a good idea, but that is not what SEO is about. WordPress SEO plugin are meant to make your content be easier to find for people in order for a larger audience to be able to enjoy it. That’s why the Live Assistant from Squirrly is giving you actionable advice and relevant confirmation about your content.

The new task in the Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin

Taking how creating content for Humans is the first and most important task for your site we realised that our analysis we’re not dealing into enough detail. We did check with our WordPress SEO plugin that you didn’t do over stuffing of a keyword but we did it as a overall view of the article. We realised that even if an article wasn’t stuffed from our perspective using a particular keyword in some instances might seam forced.

Why ? Because if you repeat a word for to many times in a paragraph that section becomes unpleasant to read for a Human even if he can not pin point the reason. So we got down to integrating this in our WordPress SEO plugin and the Human Friendly task came up. Making sure that one stays green is a very important task for your blog.

How to make Human Friendly content

As always when you add a new post to your blog you need to first choose the keyword you are targeting. As you give it a title and start writing some of your task will become green. You’ll need your content to be at least 80 words long before the Human friendly task will give you any kind of response. That is because Squirrly, the WordPress SEO plugin, knows that if your article is shorter than that no one will read it and mostly consider it spam.

Now the Over Optimization task is the one that is focused on telling you are stuffing keywords and that is not a good idea if you want to stay on Google’s good side. In the negative example that I used my keyword was “Human Friendly content”. To exemplify I used the word ‘content’ (not the whole keyword) 10 times in 139 words. The WordPress SEO plugin suggested I eliminate 4 of those words as you can see in the image below.

Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin

If you go with the cursor over the yellow ‘content’ term on the red button all the terms in your text will be highlighted and counted. If you go on the second one a list of synonyms you can substitute that with will appear. As you can see in the next image.

wordpress seo plugin

Make sure to take the right semantic interpretation of the word as the WordPress SEO plugin can not deduce which is the right meaning of the word. Now that we solved this problem either by elimination or substituting them with synonyms we are going to go further to the Human Friendly task.

Two instances of my keywords, meaning the second and the third were to close together. Meaning I had to add more phrases in between them or eliminate one of them . The task gave the message you can see in the picture. If I took my cursor above the ‘2th’ it would show me which of the keywords it is referring to.


The other 3 read words are part of my targeted keywords, they would give me a list of synonyms for each and every one of them. The Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin is giving you this specific information so that after you have written your article and you are editing it you take into consideration this tips for a better content that will rank higher on SERPs and will convert more in the end.

After I solved this problem I kept on writing and totally forgot about my keyword. After a few lines the plugin reminded me to add a keyword in the conclusion of the text. Why dose this aspect of the WordPress SEO plugin make it more Human friendly? Because you should use the topic, which is connected to the keyword, again in the end of the article to state the main take away. You do this to make sure your readers are clear on the point and they don’t forget them.

Squirrly the wordpress seo plugin

Add the conclusions to the article

From this article you have learn why it is important to focus on your readers when creating content, and then perfect it for Search. I hope you understand now how to interpret the new information that Squirrly, the WordPress SEO plugin, is offering and better use them for articles that are more enjoyable and convert more traffic. The main principle is to make you think more about the readability of your articles.

Have any firing questions for us ? Let me know in the comment section 

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