Squirrly Announces 100% Gutenberg Integration and WordPress 5 Readiness

Squirrly started working on the Gutenberg integration quite a while ago. During WordCamp London 2018, there were no exact release dates given for WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg. However, last month during WordCamp Europe 2018, Matt (CEO of Automattic) made the official announcement and since then we’ve sped up development.

The Gutenberg-compatible Squirrly SEO Plugin has now been tested by many users, as it has reached the plugin Directory last week. We’ve tested it ourselves over many instances and it works perfectly.

8.3.30 was the Offical Gutenber-Ready version of Squirrly SEO.

You can upgrade to the latest version.

When you’re ready to switch your Classic Editor over to Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0 will force you to do so), you’ll be able to rest assured that Squirrly SEO will still be by your side, ready to help you with As-You-Type Advice.

Both the SEO Live Assistant and the Blogging Assistant are compatible with it.

You can insert new images that are Copyright-free. It creates the block for them. You can cite sources, prove your point with inserted tweets, etc.

You can see the highlights and the scroll features. Everything you could do in the classic editor you’ll be able to do in Gutenberg.

Calin Vingan, our CTO, has been working around the clock to get this ready for you, and hopefully you’ll be thanking him for this brilliant integration.

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