Readjusting Content Strategies in 2015

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that if you keep on using the same content strategies when trying to promote your brand your efforts will eventually be met with failure. What you need to understand about marketing, especially the online type, is that it’s an entity that is constantly changing. This means you […]

How to Touch People’s Hearts? Use Video Marketing

Statistics show that people are exposed to around 3,000 advertising messages on a daily basis. From crossing the street, checking their Facebook page or buying lunch at the local shop, they are unconsciously the victims of a branded society. However, the majority of these ads have little effect on their buying habits. Why? Because there’s no emotional engagement. How can this […]

3 Ways Video Marketing Is Changing Social Media in 2015

Social media is changing in 2015. There is hardly any doubt about that. What started as an essential online medium trying its best to connect and bring people together from all over the world is now rapidly changing into a potent medium for e-commerce, especially when it comes to the video marketing industry. It’s mostly […]

Why You Should Aim For Video Marketing

[credits]   We live in times where the only constant in life is change. What is famous today can be forgotten tomorrow. What wasn’t  even heard of yesterday could become viral now. This isn’t just in regards to business, but about jobs, technology, clothing…in other words, everything. But for right now, this article refers to […]

Keywords: Do’s and Don’ts

You just built your new blog/website/whatever and you are extremely excited about it. The content is great and witty, your friends support you, you got some likes on Social Media, but the views aren’t quite the ones you expected. Nor is the paging rank in Google or any other search engine. What might be the problem, […]