The Switch to AISQ: Bringing Excitement to the World of Online Business

Our AI leadership leads to something better for all of us! 

Just take a look at the latest conversations with the AI Innovators in our group.

So many people are already using AI for business in some incredibly creative and smart ways.

Some of YOU have been using AI in your business, thanks to Squirrly SEO 2020, where we introduced the world’s first SEO Consultant who was not a human being.

Since then, we’ve done a lot more with AI and we’re helping business owners all over the world to work smarter.

Part of it is done through teaching. We’ve taught over 7,000 students how to reskill and upskill to generative AI technologies.

That was the natural step that made us create the AI community, where more people can contribute and learn together.

You need to see this. It’s already happening.

🛠️ AI Tools. 📚 AI Courses. 👥 AI Community.

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Using AI in business and for business use cases is now getting even better.

I think I’ll be able to help you do all your digital marketing with just 30 minutes to 60 minutes every week. That’s about 1 hour, and you get all your digital marketing done for you by AI.

Just read and see:

It took me 20 minutes to set up Next Level Marketing AI by Squirrly on a sub-brand, install the WordPress plugin for a new site, connect it via API key to the Next Level web app, do keyword research starting from “supercar hire”, choosing 20 keywords I want from a list that we can 100% rank for (better than the current algorithms in Squirrly SEO), then choosing 20 pitches for my new content plan.

I chose my flavor for the content that will be generated, from 4 different samples (including blog intro, email newsletter hook, Instagram caption) to see which style and tone I like best.

It then generated my first article, I reviewed it. Placed an image inside of it.

Sent it to the WP plugin for Next Level.

The new content is now added to my site as a listing (services type listing). It’s got 92% SEO Live Assistant optimization on it (made without any effort by Next Level Marketing using the SEO Live Assistant parameters).

The keyword is added to my briefcase in Squirrly SEO, as well.

The content was published.

And sent to search engines via IndexNOW and Google Indexing API.

All in 20 minutes (and only because I had to go through the initial setup).

We will soon make a Squirrly Social integration for this site and brand as well, as soon as we release the new v2 of Squirrly Social.

Then, we will also connect it to Email Hero, so we can email the new listing to our email lists.

Does this get you excited about the next weeks of your business life? Research (expert-level research, not kindergarten) + Content Planning + Creation + Publishing + SEO + Social Media Marketing + Email Marketing.

How much time does all that take you every single week? It’s good to live in the future. Can’t wait to open this for you as well.

And it’s nice to finally get end-to-end marketing done for you by a team of AIs. Just approve a few things, and it’s done.

Marketing activities keep on being made, just as if you were working with a human agency.

From all the tests we’ve been running, it’s safe to say that a human operator will be able to book half an hour or an hour a week to check the things inside Next Level Marketing by Squirrly, and that’s it.

They keep having their marketing done, new pages crafted, sent to search engines, social media audiences, and email audiences.

On and on. With minimal input.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.

Probably the most helpful leap in digital marketing ever made for small business owners. They can finally focus on what they know and what they do best, while the AIs take care of keeping an active presence online.

No more having to worry about marketing tasks that never get done, or hiring marketing people they can’t properly evaluate.

Something important to know:

The explanation for “choosing 20 keywords I want from a list that we can 100% rank for (better than the current algorithms in Squirrly SEO)”

-> for each keyword that is studied (I can choose up to 20, but there can be even up to 60 keywords that are analyzed/studied):

a) opens up the Chrome browser (our AI agents do this)
b) uses SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly to get the current top 10 ranking pages for that keyword! (for every single keyword idea)
c) accesses all 10 pages (10 out of 10 of the top ranks for that keyword). renders the content in Chrome.
d) uses an algorithm (developed by SQ) to extract the exact content (without sidebars, menus, etc.)
e) uses a proprietary algorithm to fetch all keywords that the piece of content was optimized for + calculate the SLA score for each.
f) checks that list of keywords against the given keyword
g) measures web authority using Marketing Intelligence by Squirrly
h) If the pages in the top 10 are not SLA optimized for the given keyword, then even though the web authority is huge, you still get a chance to beat them with good content and Squirrly SEO Focus Pages.

If the keyword passes the checks it will be served to you. Otherwise, it will drop from the list.

And this goes on for all the keywords involved in the keyword research process.

The server load is huge for this + the crawling time + running all the algorithms and API services built by Squirrly.

Luckily, in Next Level Marketing, the experience will be that of working with an Agency, and no agency will perform the KR for you on the spot.

For me, today, this worked well because there are few alpha users, and nobody is performing researches right now.

But in a LIVE interface, like the one in Squirrly SEO, this would be impossible to do.

This is the best algorithm in the world at the moment for defining keyword competition for keywords, and no software does anything like this. Only agencies who know what they’re doing and with to bring results to their clients.

60 keywords = 600 pages read and analyzed using all these algorithms.

How much would that take a human being?

Learn more about the AI SQuirrly Initiative >>

Our new website is a work in progress, but we’ve placed content in it to let you know that the products and the company will keep the same name.

See our progress so far here, and why we’re moving forward with AISQ.

In this other resource, you can learn why you should check out the new Education Cloud PLUS and learn from us.

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