License Stacking: Key Updates You Should Know about

Updates to Stacking:

Ever since 2017, when we shifted from Squirrly SEO 2016 to Squirrly SEO 2017, we removed all Unlimited Websites plans from our catalogues (except for clients who were already on those plans).

Of course, there were still agencies, freelancers, and bloggers with multiple projects (over 7) and they wanted more than the 7 sites offered by the classic PRO version.

The Agency plan for Squirrly SEO offered up to 50 sites, but for some clients that was too much of a stretch.

So, by the time we released Squirrly SEO 2018 (in April 2017), the concept of License Stacking was born.

Not exactly an innovation, since AppSumo (and all their software partners) were already offering stacking deals. The more packages you bought, the higher the account limits got.

This was a good thing for most of our users.

Until recently, our users bought multiple licenses under the same account in order to improve:

  • maximum number of sites under the account.

Sadly, this was all it did, and we finally had time to give license stacking a well-deserved upgrade.

At the end of 2020, we’ve experimented with a new way of stacking subscriptions and licenses and we now go beyond just improving total number of sites under the account.

With stacked licenses, you can now get on PRO Plans (on top of the website limits):

  • more keyword researches/account
  • more focus pages/account

And on the Business Plans, by stacking multiple subscriptions (or even by stacking a PRO with a Business Plan) you get:

  • more SERP Checker credits (upgraded from the initial 3,000 position checks/month)
  • a lot more focus pages/account

See this image (below) for one of our accounts where we stacked 3x Business Plan subscriptions:

(14 sites already added to it, and about 3,000 SERP Checker credits already used this month; therefore, what’s written there is the remaining things for Jan 2021)

^^ As you can see this is a very solid plan for very active sites and multiple projects. Which could have never been covered by the basic Business Plan.

Now with the upgraded License stacking system, we got a lot more than just 21 total sites in the account.

So, depending on the plans you combine you can now increase:

  • total websites / account
  • total keyword research credits/account
  • total number of focus pages/account
  • total SERP Checker credits/account
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