Best Website SEO Audit Tools for Improving Your Online Presence

A successful SEO strategy is one that keeps evolving. It’s crucial to constantly track, tweak, and improve your website and marketing efforts. One way to ensure you stay ahead of the competition is by conducting regular SEO audits. These audits analyze various aspects of your content marketing strategy and provide insights into your website’s performance.

Let’s explore the best website SEO audit tools available and how they can help you optimize your online presence

best website seo audit tools

Squirrly’s Audit Suite: A Comprehensive Solution

When it comes to SEO audit tools, Squirrly’s Audit Suite stands out as a comprehensive and efficient solution. This suite monitors essential aspects of your content marketing strategy and provides an overall score to evaluate performance. By considering six main areas—blogging, traffic, social media, SEO, links, and authority—Squirrly’s Audit Suite offers a holistic analysis of your website.

By leveraging the data provided by the SEO audit, you can make informed decisions about your website and marketing strategy. As a site owner, you’ll have a clear understanding of your website’s performance, whether your efforts are paying off, and which areas require more attention. No longer will you have to rely on theories and opinions from others to make decisions. The Audit Suite empowers you to take actions based on real data.

One of the key strengths of Squirrly’s Audit Suite is its ability to provide actionable insights and recommendations.

best website seo audit tools

The audit analyzes your website’s pages and generates a detailed report with recommended next steps to improve your online presence. Whether it’s optimizing content, fixing technical issues, or enhancing your website’s authority, the Audit Suite guides you towards the actions that will have the most significant impact on your website’s performance.

Squirrly’s Audit Suite is designed to facilitate collaboration within your team. If you notice a decrease in the average content optimization percentage, for example, you can easily share this information with your content strategist or relevant team members who can take corrective measures. The Suite ensures that the right people have access to the audit information and can act accordingly, fostering a collaborative approach to SEO optimization.

Accessing the SEO Audit

To access the SEO Audit, you have two options. If you’re using WordPress, simply go to the Squirrly SEO menu and click on “SEO Audit.” Alternatively, you can access the Audit report directly from your dashboard by clicking on “SEO Audit.”

The Squirrly SEO Audit allows you to audit one or more pages from your website, depending on your subscription. This flexibility enables you to focus on the pages that matter most to your SEO efforts. Each week, you receive a score for your site based on various factors analyzed by the audit, including blogging, SEO, social media, traffic, links, and authority. The audit considers all the pages you’ve added, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s performance.

With Squirrly’s Audit Suite, you can easily track the progress of your website over time.

The Overview section of the Audit provides an overview of how the scores have changed in the last 30 days. This information allows you to monitor your website’s evolution and understand how it performs in different areas. Additionally, you can compare the Audit scores to gain insights into the changes and identify areas that require further attention.

Exploring Squirrly SEO Audit Features

The Audit Suite offers a range of features to enhance your SEO optimization efforts. Here are some key features worth exploring:

  1. Add New Audit Page: This feature allows you to add specific pages to the Audit,focusing on the ones that are most important to your SEO strategy. By selecting the relevant pages, you can gain insights specific to those pages and monitor their performance closely.
  2. Inspect URL: With this feature, you can manually verify each page added to the Audit. By inspecting the URL, you can obtain real-time insights about various aspects, including page speed, META tags, and internal links. This information helps you identify and address any issues promptly.
  3. Request New Audit – Page Level: If you want to update the Audit for a specific page, you can request a new audit at the page level. This feature allows you to keep your analysis up to date and make necessary adjustments based on the most recent data.
  4. Delete Audit Page: If you no longer want to include a page in the Audit, you can easily remove it using the Delete Audit Page feature. This helps ensure that only relevant pages are considered in the global Audit, providing a more accurate evaluation of your website’s overall performance.


Monitoring your progress is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Squirrly’s Audit Suite, one of the best website SEO audit tools available, provides an overview of how your Audit scores have changed over the last 30 days. This feature enables you to visualize the progress you’ve made and identify trends in your website’s performance. Additionally, the Suite offers achievement notifications that highlight key milestones and successes, keeping you motivated on your SEO journey.

Squirrly SEO Audit allows you to customize your settings to receive the Audit report via email. This feature is particularly useful for agencies managing multiple websites or if you’ve built a website for someone else. You can specify the email address where the Audit report should be sent, ensuring that the right stakeholders receive the necessary information.

To unlock additional insights and data, Squirrly’s Audit Suite seamlessly integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Connecting your website to Google Search Console enables you to access information about clicks, impressions, and click-through rates for your pages. Integration with Google Analytics provides traffic insights, allowing you to analyze which pages are driving the most traffic to your site. These integrations enhance the depth and accuracy of the Audit, providing a more comprehensive analysis of your website’s performance.

The Audit Details section of Squirrly’s Audit Suite is where you’ll find a comprehensive report on your website’s performance. It provides in-depth information about how your website fares in each of the six main categories: blogging, traffic, SEO, social media, links, and authority. The report includes a summary of all the pages included in the Audit and presents your Audit Score, which indicates the overall performance of your website.

best website seo audit tools

To streamline your analysis, Squirrly’s Audit Suite allows you to filter tasks within the report. You can choose to display only completed tasks or focus on the tasks that still require attention. This feature enables you to prioritize your optimization efforts and address any issues highlighted by the Audit efficiently.

Here are other best website seo audit tools that are worth considering for optimizing your website:

  1. SEMrush Site Audit: SEMrush is a widely recognized SEO tool that offers a powerful Site Audit feature. It provides comprehensive insights into your website’s health and identifies areas for improvement. The Site Audit tool analyzes various aspects of your website, including crawlability, site structure, meta tags, content quality, and more. It provides a detailed report highlighting issues and suggestions for optimization. SEMrush also offers a prioritized checklist to help you tackle critical issues first. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, SEMrush Site Audit is an excellent choice for optimizing your website’s SEO performance.
  2. Moz Pro Site Crawl: Moz Pro is another reputable SEO platform that offers a comprehensive Site Crawl tool. It thoroughly analyzes your website to identify technical SEO issues that may impact your rankings. The Site Crawl feature examines factors such as broken links, duplicate content, missing meta tags, slow page speed, and more. It provides an easy-to-understand report that highlights issues and offers actionable recommendations for optimization. Moz Pro also includes other useful features, such as keyword research, rank tracking, and link analysis, making it a comprehensive SEO tool for optimizing your website’s performance.

Regular SEO audits are essential for maintaining and improving your website’s performance in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Both SEMrush Site Audit and Moz Pro Site Crawl are valuable tools that provide detailed insights into your website’s SEO health. Each tool has its unique features and strengths, so it’s essential to evaluate which one aligns best with your specific needs and preferences.

Squirrly’s Audit Suite offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and optimize your online presence. With its data-driven insights, actionable recommendations, and collaborative features, the Audit Suite empowers you to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to boost your website’s visibility and rankings. By leveraging the best website SEO audit tools like Squirrly’s Audit Suite, you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term SEO success.



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