Turn up the AC on Your Knowledge with 3 New Free Courses

July is in full swing, and so is the summer heat!

But don’t sweat it (pun intended), because we’ve got some cool news that will make you forget all about the scorching temperatures outside. Brace yourself for not one, not two, but 3 new courses available inside Education Cloud PLUS this month!

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Free in July: Learn How to Get 10K Visits from Social Media 

Want to unlock the secrets of driving massive traffic from social media? This course will guide you through proven methods to generate over 10,000 visits.

Say goodbye to crickets and hello to a roaring audience eager to engage with your content!

By the end of this comprehensive 8-lesson course, you’ll know:

  • exact methods to drive traffic to your blog by harnessing the power of social media;
  • how to effectively use hashtags and engage with communities to amplify your reach;
  • how to build an efficient editorial calendar for promoting your articles on social media;
  • how to do hashtag research to make your content more discoverable;
  • how to use Quora as a marketing tool and leverage its features to attract readers to your blog;
  • how to read metrics, understand analytics, and refine your processes for even greater success.

Plus, this course gives you access to useful worksheets and files that you can copy for free.

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What Else Can You Learn for Free this July?

Education Cloud PLUS has more in store for you this month, and it’s all on the house as well! Alongside the “Get 10,000 Visits from Social Media” course, we’ve got a couple more treats lined up just for you.

Fireside Chat: First Steps for a New Online Store

Take this AUDIO course to learn key insights and must-know tips to get your online store up and running.

It’s like having your own personal guide, whispering entrepreneurial secrets directly into your ears!

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The Basics of Developing a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

Looking to dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) and grab more digital real estate? Then this course is for you!

Learn all about the pros and cons of implementing a multiple-domain SEO strategy and get a practical framework for implementing it for your business.

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Don’t let the summer heat melt away your ambitions.

Dive into these exciting courses and turn up the AC on your knowledge!

Never stop learning!

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