20 Minute Daily Social Media Marketing Strategy

31 Aug 2016

How do you keep up with your social media marketing strategy every single day? We all have days where it feels like there’s just not enough time to get every single thing done. When these days occur we usually prioritize what needs to be done, hence leaving some things out.…

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Is YouTube a social networking site?

25 Sep 2015

When we think of video content on the internet we all think of YouTube. But I wonder, Is YouTube a social networking site? I have found a lot of debate on the subject on forums and across the internet. Nobody has a clear answer for it. There are many out…

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How to increase LinkedIn engagement

24 Sep 2015

LinkedIn is known as a social media platform, which is used mostly by business people. At the same time, it is a great place where you can share your content, drive traffic to your website, network with professionals, and build relationships. [ Photo credits: Ben Scholzen’s Flickr ] Why does LinkedIn engagement matter?…

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