Introducing Squirrly Social’s Blog to Social Media Feature

Creating and sharing fresh, high-quality content consistently is essential for any successful digital marketing strategy.

However, we understand that this can be challenging to do, especially if you have to manage your content’s distribution across various social media channels.

That’s where Squirrly Social’s Blog to Social Media feature comes in to simplify your workflow and amplify your online presence.

With our Blog to Social Media feature, you can effortlessly drip your blog content onto your social media platforms to:

  • keep your audience engaged;
  • ensure your new content gets the exposure it deserves.

Here’s more about how it works and how you can use it:

1. Drip Your Campaigns:

Using our platform, you can create a content category that publishes content from your blog on a daily basis. By creating new content about three times per week, you ensure a steady stream of engaging posts reaching your audience.

This approach keeps your followers interested and eagerly anticipating your next post.

2. Seamless Content Integration:

Squirrly Social will seamlessly pull content from your website and create social posts. You can say goodbye to the manual and time-consuming process of crafting individual social media posts for every blog article.

By leveraging our Blog to Social Media feature, you will experience several benefits:

⏱️ Time-saving: 

Eliminate the need to manually create and schedule social media posts for every blog article, allowing you to focus on creating quality content and other crucial aspects of your business.


Maintain a steady flow of engaging content on your social media platforms, strengthening your brand presence and keeping your audience interested.

📈 Increased Reach: 

Amplify the reach of your blog articles by sharing them across multiple social media channels, attracting new followers, and driving traffic to your website.

🤝 Audience Engagement: 

Keep your audience captivated by delivering valuable content consistently, nurturing their loyalty, and fostering meaningful interactions.


Squirrly Social’s Blog to Social Media feature is designed to empower you with an efficient and effective way to manage your digital marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business owner, or marketing professional, our platform will help you leverage the power of content marketing and social media to achieve your goals.

I invite you to explore Squirrly Social further and experience the seamless integration of your blog content with your social media platforms.

Andreea helps us stick to our Core Values of Delivering Happiness to our Customers. She loves Carcassonne, music and big fan of Digital Marketing Superstars program.

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