Squirrly Social v2 Will Roll Out Progressively

It’s almost the beginning of May 2024, when we will release the new platform, that will make Squirrly Social ready for the next 10 years.

All technologies inside are different than what we had with v1, so new accounts will need to be created inside v2, when you make the switch.

It’s important to know that we’re working as hard as we can on the new app, using all the latest APIs from the social media platforms.

Features will roll out progressively and we hope to soon reach the same level of functionality as we’ve had on the v1 of the app.

To give you a more personal tip: I went to the media folder in Squirrly Social and I copied the old structure we were using and all the files. Soon, I’ll be able to just upload them to the new app and create the same structure.

You’ll be able to use Squirrly Social in May 2024, but it will take a while for our team to release every single functionality.

It’s a bit of a rough patch, but on the new platform (due to the new way we’ve built it) you’ll be able to get repeat posts (again! using AI-based rewriting of messages, so that social media platforms won’t have a problem with the re-shared content).

And you’ll get an integration with Next Level Marketing AI by Squirrly, which will change everything.

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