See How Much Money You Can Earn as a Squirrly Affiliate

We’ve Done the Math.

This Is How Much Money You Could be Making Right Now!

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you’ll earn a commission for every person who buys one of our products* through your affiliate links.

(*products that are included in our Affiliate Program. All information about current plans and associated commission rates is available HERE >>)

However, most of the products that are included in the affiliate program are subscription-based.

And since Squirrly offers recurring commissions, a percentage of every payment is going to hit your bank account every month – for as long as the customers you brought keep paying for their subscriptions.

Curious to see how much you could be making right now?

We’ve crunched the numbers for you.

Slide the toggle on our Commission Calculator to have a look at some real numbers you could be earning.

Example 1:

This shows you how much money you’ll make if you bring just 10 new customers for Squirrly SEO (the PRO Plan) every month.

Easily Create a Steady Income

$90.0 /month
By referring just 10 Squirrly SEO PRO users every month, this is how much you’ll earn
in 1 month
(30% commission from $29.99 USD for each active subscription and a customer average lifetime of 10 months)
Slide to see your commission grow!

Example 2:

This is how much money you could make if you bring just 10 new customers for Squirrly SEO (the Business Plan) every month.

Earn More. Every Month.

$215.97 /month
Generate 10 new sales for Squirrly SEO (Business Plan) every month, and this is how much you’ll earn
in 1 months
(30% commission from $71.99 USD for each active subscription and a customer average lifetime of 10 months)
Slide to see your commission grow!

Example 3:

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you can promote multiple products – and earn a commission for ALL sales generated through your affiliate links.

This shows you how much money you could make if you bring just 10 new customers for Squirrly SEO (Agency plan) and 10 customers for Squirrly Social (Agency plan).

These are just a few examples to help you get an idea of the money you could be making as a Squirrly Affiliate. 

Depending on how many sales you manage to generate, for how many products, and the plans that your referrals end up buying – you could be earning much more. 

Stack Your Earnings

$573.00 /month
Don’t limit yourself to just one product. Generate 10 new sales for Squirrly Social (Agency Plan) and 10 new sales for Squirrly SEO (Agency plan) every month.
This is how much you’ll earn in 1 month
(30% commission from $75.99 USD for Squirrly SEO Agency and $114.99 for Squirrly Social Agency, for each active subscription and a customer average lifetime of 10 months)
Slide to see your commission grow!

💸One Sale, Multiple Commissions

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you could be earning multiple commissions on just one sale you helped make.

If your acquisition continues to make follow-on purchases within 90 Days since your initial referral, you’ll get a cut.

For example, if one of the customers you brought for Squirrly SEO also ends up buying our social media automation tool (Squirrly Social) within 90 Days since he/she clicked on your affiliate link, you earn a commission on both sales.

Even though you never promoted Squirrly Social. This way, you can stack commissions for that one customer you brought.

The likelihood of a customer buying more than one product from Squirrly is considerable because:

1. The tools included in Squirrly’s Affiliate Program are complementary.

Someone who needs a tool for SEO probably also needs a tool for social media, a way to do competitive research, and more.

Below, you can see a customer of Squirrly SEO expressing interest in Squirrly Social, which is our social media automation tool. (also included in our Affiliate Program)

2. Squirrly customers become brand fans.

^^ This is something we’ve seen over and over again.

When someone tries one of our products, they become fans of the brand and are eager to try more products from our offering.

3. We’re really good at marketing!

We have many validated marketing systems in place to ensure that customers who start with one product get to discover all the products they could buy from us (and the amazing benefits they provide).

Any initiative that helps connect your audience to the Squirrly Brand can lead to sales.

People get to know our brand, discover that we have a product they need in our offering, and end up buying. If that happens through one of your Affiliate Links, you’ll get a piece of the pie.

⛱️Recurring Commissions – Or How You Can Make Money while Lying on a Paradise Beach

As a Squirrly affiliate, you’ll earn a commission for every sale that comes through your referral links, provided that the cookie life period (90 days) hasn’t expired.

And because the commissions are recurring, you get paid for every subscription renewal.

^^ This is a HUGE benefit because it means you’ll continue to receive a commission for as long as the customer you brought keeps paying for their subscription.

Once you generate a sale, that customer has the potential to keep making you money for months to come. 

Here’s a graph of what this compounding effect looks like over 10 months:

Recurring commission is great because it builds onto itself.

Thanks to recurring commissions, Squirrly’s Affiliate Program could have you earning multiple commissions on just ONE sale. 

You could literally be on vacation on a remote island somewhere with no access to your site and no internet connection and still collect checks. ⛱️🌴☀️

In other affiliate programs, you have to rely on your own funnels and make sure that those funnels work every month to generate new sales.

In Squirrly’s Affiliate Program, you can keep earning money, indefinitely, without doing any extra work. 

Without you having to create or update content, take care of maintaining certain pages, send new email campaigns, or do any additional promotion whatsoever to generate new sales.

You don’t even have to worry about convincing the customers you brought to continue their subscription so that you’ll earn recurring commissions.

We’ll take care of this as well.

We put a lot of effort into nurturing each customer and helping them get the most out of their subscriptions.

We’re consistently maintaining and improving the products, adding new features, creating new benefits – and communicating them to our users so that they don’t lose interest and keep paying for their subscriptions.

Taking all of this into consideration, you can see how:

The lifetime earnings you can potentially make from a SINGLE successful sale as a Squirrly Affiliate can far exceed the amounts earned in an affiliate program that uses a one-off commission model. 

More Program Details that Will Get You Excited

Our program provides tremendous benefits to help you maximize your earning potential and generate passive income.

To mention a few:

  • You’re teaming up with a Strong, Winning Company that has a good track record and whose products are trusted by renowned personalities in the digital marketing industry.

  • Product lifetime Value of over 300 USD. We have customers who have already spent well over $1,000 on Squirrly subscriptions.

  • 8% Conversion rate free to paid (for a SaaS freemium model, the industry-standard is 2%)

  • Extended customer Lifetime Value. We’re grateful to have loyal customers who see the benefits of continuing to pay for their subscriptions. Some of our customers have been with us since we started in February 2013.

  • As a Squirrly Affiliate, you can promote Multiple Products that are market-validated with thousands of businesses in 90 countries from all over the world.

  • You can promote all of the products included in our affiliate program to stack your earnings.

  • Squirrly pays commissions for follow-on transactions at the same rate. If you brought a customer to one of our products, and they continue paying for their subscription, you’ll get the same percentage from every recurring payment based on their subscriptions.

Win by Helping Others Win

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you can become the connector between the audience you’re building and the products they need to be insanely successful with digital marketing.

Through our affiliate program, you’re not only earning extra money for yourself and your family. You’re also helping others do the same by recommending products and other resources that support them in growing their businesses online.

So, be that driving force, be that guiding voice your audience needs as they are trying to put their business on the map with digital marketing.

Win by Helping Others Win!

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