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Squirrly is a company that creates top marketing software. We offer solutions for WordPress SEO, personal branding, website analysis, social media management, competitive research, and continuous marketing learning.

Over 7,479 B2B Customers in 90 countries rely on our products and education programs to level up their content marketing game and grow their business.

Learn more at www.squirrly.co

Squirrly’s affiliate program is an opportunity to earn money by promoting top digital marketing tools. 

When a person who clicks on your affiliate links ends up buying a subscription from Squirrly – either monthly or yearly – or buys a product from Squirrly, you will get an affiliate commission for it. 

As an affiliate, you can earn recurring commissions for every sale you make by promoting your affiliate links.  

Commissions are recurring, so you will be earning a monthly/annual commission from each of your referrals for as long as they keep paying for their Squirrly subscription.

Check out this resource and take a look at some real numbers you could be making right now as a Squirrly Affiliate. 

No, you don’t.

One of the benefits of becoming a Squirrly Affiliate is that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to HOW you can promote products to earn commissions.

Maybe you have a YouTube channel and want to make videos about Squirrly. Or maybe you’ want to promote Squirrly via social media networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It’s up to you.

As a Squirrly Affilaite, you can  advertise with high-converting landing pages and take advantage of validated marketing funnels that we’ve already created for you. 

Simply send traffic our way using your desired marketing channels and start earning recurring commissions. 

The Squirrly Affiliate Program is intended for users age 18 or older.

It’s a great advantage for you if you have used the products yourself because you already know the products and thus can promote them more effectively. 

 However, this is NOT a requirement to join our Affiliate Program.

As a Squirrly Affiliate, you are able to tap into different promo channels to generate more product sales. 

You can promote Squirrly on whatever channels work best for you, whether that means creating website articles, spreading the word via social media, dripping email campaigns to your audience – or anything else. 

In order to promote the Squirrly Products included in the program, you can either use your standard affiliate links or take advantage of proven automated marketing funnels that we’ve already created for you to maximize your commissions.

All you have to do is send relevant traffic our way using an affiliate link. The funnels (our automated sales systems) will do the rest to convert that traffic into leads and leads into customers.

(Click here to see an animation that shows you an example of this. In this example, the page you would promote is the one showcasing our best social media course)

More details about this will be provided to you via email once you become an official member. 

Yes, if you are a third-party consultant or agency, we can discuss further options to expand our partnership relationship.

New opportunities can also be made available to: Development Agencies, SEO Agencies, Social Media Agencies, Web Developers, Freelancers, Personal Brands, Podcasters, Youtubers, Trainers, and Coaches.

You’ll have the opportunity to provide us with this information about yourself when filling out the form to join the program. 

Please share all the necessary details when filling out the signup form so that we can contact you regarding new opportunities that you can benefit from. 

Managing My Affiliate Account

You just have to create an account on https://squirrly.idevaffiliate.com/ signup.php. Then, you will receive an email that lets you know you’ve been accepted in the program (be sure to check both your inbox and SPAM folder for it).

Further instructions and support will be provided in that email to help you get started.🐿️

Some of the most important sections included in your affiliate account are: 

  • General Statistics. There, you can see an overview of all your transactions, current earnings, and how much traffic your affiliate links have generated. 

  • Marketing Materials. Enjoy pre-designed high-converting promo materials and email links. Get ideas on how to promote Squirrly’s validated marketing funnels to earn more commissions.

  • Custom tracking links. Generate keyword tracking links and alternate incoming page links. View detailed reports for the generated links.  

  • Commissions. See your current pending balance, as well as your current and paid commissions. Note! All the commissions have to be accepted by the Squirrly Company before you’ll see them in your dashboard.

  • Payment History. View all the payments that were made to your affiliate account.

  • Traffic Log. View the incoming traffic for your affiliate links. 

If you are 100% sure that you want to leave our Affiliate Program, email us at support@squirrly.co.

Upon such notice, your URL will be deactivated and your logos, banners, affiliate and commission lists will NO longer be available for your use and cannot be recovered.

As a Squirrly affiliate, you can get a Predefined Page Link and alternate incoming page links to promote Squirrly’s Products. 

All these links are generated within squirrly.idevaffiliate.com, which you get access to by becoming a Squirrly affiliate.

When you become a Squirrly affiliate, you’ll receive a Predefined Page Link, which you can find in your affiliate dashboard.

This link leads to a predefined page on our site which features all products.

You also get links for each individual product included in the Program. These are great to use when promoting Squirrly products via email campaigns. 

If you want to promote other Assets from us (like eBooks, courses, and more) to lead visitors to pre-designed funnels that are engineered to generate sales for our products, you have to create an Alternate Incoming Page Link for each link you want to promote.

Alternate Incoming Page Links are custom links. All you have to do is enter the URL you want traffic delivered to and the platform will create a link for you. 

For example, in the Alternate Incoming Page Links section, you can add the Product’s Pricing Page that you want to promote. The new link would then redirect your visitors to the pricing page.

Once a user clicks on your standard link or any alternate incoming page links, the Affiliate Program Platform starts tracking Squirrly product acquisitions for that person for 90 days. Therefore, if this user buys any of Squirrly’s products within this timeframe, you’ll receive the commission for each product they buy.

The Alternate Incoming Page Links give you a lot of flexibility. You can use any link you want to create multiple entry points to sales funnels.

This tutorial shows you how to generate affiliate links for custom pages you want to promote.

You can build your own marketing system or simply use the pages that the Squirrly Company has already created for the products (since they are already turning visitors into customers).

Creating a custom keyword link provides you the ability to track incoming traffic for various sources. You can create a link with up to 4 different tracking keywords and the custom tracking report will show you a detailed report for each keyword you create.

The report will give you statistics just for the tracking link selected. Using this feature, you can check how many clicks the link has received, the number of commissions generated, amount of earning generated and so on. 

You can also view the individual traffic log for each link you created.

We’ve already created highly-effective lead magnets and funnels that are carefully engineered by us to convert subscribers into buyers. 

You’ll be able to take advantage of these high-performing marketing funnels to grow your earning potential. 

You’ll also have free access to hundreds of pre-designed promo materials, videos, screenshots and other beautiful graphics that you can use in your blog articles, emails, social media – and anywhere else you want to talk about our products. 

Plus, you’ll get a framework for promoting the products included in our program, access to a dedicated Squirrly affiliate community – AND constant marketing inspiration from us. 

So that you never run out of ideas of things you can do to maximize your commissions.

Tracking and Commission Information

Your affiliate links are being tracked based on cookie, mac address and IP address.

Idevaffiliate’s system has industry-leading capabilities for tracking through multiple sources.

This helps ensure that the tracking will not get lost, regardless of how the person who clicked on one of your affiliate links uses the web.

You get a 90-day time-frame to close the sale. Luckily, if you send traffic to our lead magnets and our landing pages, our system maximizes those 90 days to try and sell the products.

All information regarding commission percentages available here

You will be paid by Squirrly in your PayPal account (this is the only payment method we currently offer) based on the commission that we established and have assigned to you in the affiliate database. You can check your current payout level in the General Statistics panel. 

Commission payments are made upon reaching a minimum threshold of $20 USD or more in APPROVED commission.

When this threshold is met, you can request payment by contacting us at support@squirrly.co and the money will be wired to you once the commission is approved by someone at the Squirrly Company. 

Payments are made once per month, for the previous month. There is NO fixed date for when the payments go out.

You can easily keep track of all the information regarding your commission payout in the Commission section of your affiliate profile.

If a user originally clicked on your link and made a purchase later, then you will receive a commission for it, provided that the cookie life period (90 Days) hasn’t expired.

The Squirrly Company does NOT usually offer refunds (except for the Squirrly Social Product).

However, some customers you referred to us may use their banks to get chargebacks for their orders or to force refunds from our resellers. You will not earn a commission for such customers. 

You will only get a commission for people who have purchased and kept that purchase.

All analytics, statistics, sales tracking and monitoring will be collected and calculated by the iDevAffiliate program we use at Squirrly for our software products and FastSpring payments (our third-party payment integrator and reseller of Squirrly products), and will be the only valid statistics used to compute commissions.

Rules and Restrictions

We feel very strongly against you creating instances of negative publicity for our site, products and the Squirrly Company as a whole. You may not spread fake news or any type of fake information about the way in which the site or the products work.  

Also, you should never, under any circumstance use keywords like “Squirrly coupon”, “Squirrly discount”, “Squirrly Deal”, “Squirrly Offer” and other similar keywords including any misspellings in the brand name to rank pages on search engines. 

You cannot use such branded keywords in PPC campaigns. 

You are NOT allowed to promote Squirrly on any websites which contain inappropriate or offensive content such as adult, hate, violent, inflammatory or defamatory content. 

For the complete list of agreements, please read our Terms of Use carefully.

More Questions?

Couldn’t find the answer to your question here? Contact us at support@squirrly.co.

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