The Everything You Need to Get your Content Found Bundle

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The Mix of Tools You Need to Help Your Content Thrive

There’s a ton of content created every day – and most of it gains ZERO attention. 

Luckily, Digital Pack makes it easier for you to create valuable content and ensure it gets the exposure it deserves.

Automate the Way You Do SEO,  Social Media,  Competitive research,  Personal branding, 

Make your content work harder for you so that it drives higher business impact. Squirrly’s powerful AI Digital Assistants will help every step of the way.


Use Squirrly SPY to quickly analyze your biggest competitors. Download their keywords, see their top performing content and learn what sort of products or messaging works best for a competitor brand.

Get INSTANT blog posts ideas that have already been tested and proven – and start killing it in terms of industry content.

Build Your Content

Use Education Cloud PLUS to learn how to create valuable, useful content for your audience – straight from marketing PROs. 

You’ll get immediate access to a growing collection of digital marketing courses. Over 40 different courses in multiple formats currently available.

Your Content on Search Engines

Use Squirrly SEO to create optimized content that ranks on the 1st Page of Google. You’ll no longer have to rely on guesswork to ensure you have 100% SEO on your blog posts, product pages, and landing pages.

The SEO Live Assistant will analyze your content in real-time and provide as-you-type advice, right inside your WordPress Dashboard.

Brand Your Content

Use Starbox PRO to build trust with readers and increase your content’s credibility. This beautifully-designed Author Bio Box Plugin is incredibly easy to use; no coding skills required.

Your Content On Social Media

Use Squirrly Social, and watch the magic happen: Your content is automatically distributed across all your social media profiles as soon as it’s published.

Effortlessly create, manage, schedule, and share your social media posts – all in one place.

Your Content Inside All Inboxes

Use Email Hero (Upcoming) to send revenue-generating emails that land directly in the inbox, every single time.

And here’s the best part – our foolproof features guarantee your campaigns stand out and deliver exceptional results, so you can be the email marketing hero your business deserves!

Keep Your Content Safe

Use Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly to add an EXTRA Layer of security to your WordPress site. Gain peace of mind knowing you have enhanced protection against common attacks such as script & SQL Injection, brute-force, and more.

Measure Content Performance

Use ContentLook to track your content’s performance and analyze which pages underperform or outperform your expectations. Then use that data to take your marketing to the next level.

Build Digital Trust

Use the power of Expectation Marketing to say goodbye to content droughts and keep your audience’s trust flowing like a river!

In this book, we’re sharing a clear, actionable plan on how you and your team can successfully apply this innovative strategy in your business.

Your Content Oracle

Use the Website Analysis Plugin to see if you’re destined for the top ranks on search engines and uncover hidden SEO pitfalls holding you back.

You just install it and you’re set. The plugin will automatically start analyzing your website to deliver powerful insights that will elevate your SEO game. 


Over 18,900 paid clients served to date.

5 Tacos Based on 240 Reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars based on +500 reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 120 Reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 115 Reviews


5/5 Stars based on 63 Votes

5 Tacos Based on 240 Reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars based on +500 reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 120 Reviews


4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 115 Reviews


5/5 Stars based on 63 Votes

What Do You Get Inside the Digital Pack Bundle?

This is a once in a lifetime kind of deal, giving you access to everything you need to ensure that A LOT more people will see your content and connect with your business as a result. 

Tier 2

$352.7 USD / month

$50 USD / month

Save 86% (lifetime discount)


Squirrly SEO

PRO 7 Sites: ($29.99 USD / month)

Starbox PRO

PRO 7 Websites: ($6.58 USD / month)

Squirrly Social

7 Profiles: ($14.99 USD / month)


Business Plan: ($200 USD/ month)

3 Sites you can use it on

Squirrly SPY

3 Reports: ($12.5 USD/ month)

Hide My WP Ghost

7 Websites: ($24.91 USD / month)

Education Cloud PLUS

Premium Pass: ($9.99 USD / month)

Email Hero App by Squirrly

7 Brands ($41.66 USD / month)

Expectation Marketing Book

1 Book ($2.088 USD / month)

Ultimate Website Analysis Plugin (WordPress)

7 Websites: ($10 USD / month)

Get our award winning suite of AI marketing tools.

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