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Developers – Squirrly Benefits for Developers.

Depending on what you love to develop with WordPress and for WordPress, there are different ways in which you can collaborate with the Squirrly Company.

We’re known for Excellence in Customer Service and we’ve already worked on successful partnerships, of different kinds.

On this page, it will be easy for you to choose the kind of partnership you’d like to start with.

Please note that all the Branded versions of Squirrly SEO given to your members or clients will be 100% Special, Free, With Much Higher Usage Limits, Benefits and they’ll have ZERO Email Ads, ZERO Facebook Ads and ZERO in-app ads from us, if you choose so.

All the control you’ll need to recommend it easily, while knowing that we fully support all the zips you install for your customers.

Why Squirrly ?

Of course, you may want to see who Squirrly is and the kinds of things we do at our Company. For this, we’ve prepared a special section where we talk stats, facts and tell you about successful partnerships from the past.

Tell Us Who You Are

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WordPress Website Developer

WordPress Hosting Company

Plugin Developer

Theme Developer

WordPress Website Developers – Introducing the Web Developer Kit

Depending on what you love to develop with WordPress and for WordPress, there are different ways in which you can collaborate with the Squirrly Company.

With Squirrly, you can make more revenue from existing customers of your WordPress Site Development Agency.

If you develop WordPress sites for clients, we’re offering you a new way in which you can develop your relationship with your customers, expand the services you offer to them, and get them to buy more from you.

Squirrly SEO will present them opportunities for website enhancement, based on objective data, and it will suggest more of your services to your customers. They’ll schedule calls with you, and you’ll be earning more revenue / client.

Sounds like a plan? There are even more benefits for you included in the Web Dev Kits section of our site.

WordPress Hosting Companies – Web Developer Kit for Hosting Companies

Offer more benefits

Better Branding

Offer them the best plugin with the best support.

You’ll be answering their problems, without any of the concerns that would naturally arise for you.

Plugin Developers – Integrations / Cross Promotions to Expand Your Customer Base

If you’re like us, then you love developing awesome WordPress plugins for the great people using WordPress.

We’ve made successful partnerships in the past and we’re out looking for more. If we can find the right fit, that is.

There are two levels of partnerships here that work awesomely:

1) Integrations

2) Cross Promotions

We’ve been sending thousands of new users and hundreds of dollars to our plugin integration partners. The next success story can be you.

Theme Developers – Expand Your Customer Base

If you saw the “Why Squirrly?” section of the site, then you already know we’ve had successful partnerships with theme development companies and developers.

You know that every single client wants a SEO friendly theme, but is it really worth your time to do everything yourself on that end?

Squirrly SEO can offer you a co-branded solution for your theme developer Brand, so that it will look like your brand has developed a special collaboration with the Squirrly company, one of the leading companies in WordPress SEO (the Search Engine Journal calls Squirrly a TOP 3 SEO Solution for WordPress)

You’ll be able to give out your branded version of Squirrly SEO to your members, thus improving:

Your brand

Customer loyalty

Membership benefits (your members will be getting so much more out of their memberships this way)